Saturday, September 21, 2019

More Vegan Finds, Plants, Community, and Such!

With the many months I took off from blogging - I still have TONS of photos and things to share!  I'm trying to schedule a few blog posts in between to try and catch up, too!

Here you can see one of the painted rocks I found this year.

This was on the fairgrounds.

I'm still LOVING these Swapples!  If you haven't tried them yet you should!  They are VERY dense and VERY filling!  Soooo versatile, too!

I ended up grabbing 3 different flavors of these at the beginning of summer and they helped me in between meals during fair week.  They are a little dry but the flavor is good.

I'm having some ups and downs with my office plants lately.  I'm pretty sure it's because fall and winter are coming.  I remember that happening last year.  This is one of the plants that seem to be doing well lately.  It's one of my newer plants.  It's called a Dragon's Tongue.

Near the end of August I attended a community event in Irvine, PA, at the Wilder Museum.  There was a speaker from SUNY JCC highlighting the life of a local suffragist by the name of Elnora Monroe Babcock who was born in Freehold Township and grew up around Columbus, PA.  She went on to do AMAZING things in the Suffrage Movement throughout the state of New York, too!

This isn't one of my plants but it's a hanging basket I got for my mom for Mothers Day and it's still going strong!

This past summer I spotted a new-to-me product from Earth Balance and HAD to try it.  It doesn't taste extremely different from their other vegan butters but it is tasty!

I was going to safe this for a work lunch some day but I ended up having it for dinner one night in stead.  It has been way too long since my last vegan meal from Annie Chun's!

I'm pretty sure my new favorite shreds are from VioLife!  I got these at Mustard Seed but just spotted them LAST WEEK at my local Tops and I couldn't be happier about it!

I also spotted a new-to-new product from Gardein while at Giant Eagle in Erie, I believe.  They are still in my freezer and I haven't tried them yet but I'm thinking it will be SOON!

At first taste I wasn't overly thrilled with this Good Karma product but have since paired it with some things like Salsa and it wasn't too shabby.

This is a product that Hillary and I have been boasting about on IG.  I really enjoyed it and wish I would have bought 5 more!  I'm pretty addicted to it, actually!

And here is one of the new-to-me Amy's Kitchen products I found at the Erie Target a while back.  I really enjoyed this, too!


  1. The Wilder museum? Any connection to Laura Ingalls Wilder? I didn't think she ventured to PA from my readings.

    1. The 'Wilder' that this museum was named after was a historical/local guy who was the founder of National Forge Co.

      Interesting fact about Laura's 'Pa' is that he was originally from Cuba, NY, which isn't too far from where I live.

  2. I want that ranch hummus! I cannot have it though, I live across the seas. But by all accounts it is amazing.
    What a cute little turtle painting on the rock.

    1. I wish I had found more rocks this summer. Two summers ago was a real trend around here tho!

  3. Love all the eats and that you have office plants because I can't keep them alive at my office! I keep forgetting to look for that vegan ranch at Trader Joe's!

    1. I have a hard time keeping them alive that is for sure! LOL - I have a co-worker who helps me with them thankfully!

  4. That painted rock is so cool! I'll have to keep an eye out for the Gardein breakfast sausage, and I really need to plan a trip to Trader Joe's, haha!

    1. Let me know when you go to Trader Joe's! I always like seeing what other people pick up!