Monday, March 5, 2018

Weekend Roundup: Local Fundraising, New Copper Skillet, Tandoori Spice Vegan Burgers

Saturday was a BUSY day!  I volunteered to help the local Zontas with their Lucky Numbers Fundraiser.  It's the first time I attended the event but I hope to be a member and wanted to get one under my belt before I was a member next year (that is if I am accepted as a member).  It was a pretty crazy yet fun event!  The ladies who organized it did an AMAZING job!  I didn't win anything (as far as the large prizes go) but it wasn't about that for me...I just wanted to help if I could.  I did, however, win this lovely mug and gift certificate to a local coffee & tea shop!

Well over 200 people attended and it was a HOOT to see everyone go bonkers over the winnings!  Here are a few photos of some of the high-end prizes at stake.

With my ticket, I received 5 chances.  With those - I went for the kitchen items.  The 8-Quart Instant Pot on the far right was one of the ones I had my eye on.

There was a heavy-duty Spiralizer, too, that looked pretty cool.  I already have 2 spiralizers but nothing like the one that was on the table.

Here was one of the sections of the room that was filled with participants!

Lunch was served (I had a salad) and there were other drawings and such that you could participate in.  Some people dressed up and some people had noisemakers for when someone at their table won!

After the Lucky Numbers Event, DH and I went over to a friends house for dinner.  I didn't have a lot of time to make anything special but I brought the makings for a large salad and grabbed some storebought hummus and pretzels.

Yesterday, we wanted to find a Waffle Maker but couldn't find one locally.  Instead, I found this Copper Electric Skillet and make pancakes.  I would show the pancakes but I would rather wait to post one that was tastier than the first attempt.  I will show this Vegan Burger for now.

This is the Veggie Burger on the skillet above.  I found them at Mustard Seed Market and have had them in my freezer since we got back.  Last night I thought I would finally try them.  They were pretty good.  I didn't put it on a bun but I did make some dipping sauce for it.  You can see that in the next photo.

The Tandoori Spice in these was potent - but you know me - I'm a fan of spice!

For the dipping sauce it's basically a Vegan Aioli I threw together.  I think next time I will make it thicker.  The flavor was good, tho!

It was just Vegan Mayo, Garlic, Sriracha, Smoked Paprika, Lemon Juice, and a pinch of Black Sea Salt.

It was pretty good on corn chips, too!

I probably could have added some nooch to it, too!

Question of the Day...what was the last brand of veggie burgers that you tried that was 'new to you'?  What did you think of them!?


  1. The last new to me veggie burger I've tried and liked is Dr. Praegers Bombay burger. I was pleasantly surprised!

    1. I have tried that one, once, and somewhat recently. It was pretty good! I agree!

  2. What a great fundraiser and definitely some awesome prizes in there! I bet everyone had their eye on the Instant pot! Those things have become so popular! I love your mug though. Can't wait to see those pancakes!

  3. Yes, I've got my eyes on that instant pot as well. Namind, the mug looks great too. :D

  4. It looks like you had a great time. I like your new cup also. I received one (last week I think) from the place where my investments are, Vanguard. They had a promotion on their FB page and were sending them out (free) to those who requested them. I really love that one, it's very heavy.

    Hmm, I can't remember the last purchased veggie burger I have had. It's been years, I do make my own though. The last veggie burgers I made had three different type of beans and freshly ground oats, coriander, grated carrots, cumin, Himalayan sea salt, Black cumin and a few other ingredients.

    I still use my small pressure cooker. It's 8 qr. I also have a 23 qt. pressure cooker. It's an "instant post," in that it cooks food fast, but they don't market those as one (I don't think) since it's not electric(my preference).

    1. That's cool on the new cup from your investment place!

      I remember your veggie burgers - they always look great! YUM!

      I'm curious about the InstaPots and Air Fryers these

    2. We recently were gifted an air fryer, but that does not get a lot of use. We have used it to occasionally make fries instead of baking them, but that's it.

    3. That's probably what I would use it for, too!

  5. Sounds like such a great event and fundraiser, how fun! We just tried the Quorn Vegan Burger and they were tasty, nice texture and not too heavy.

    1. I'll have to look for those. Most of the Quorn stuff I remember from years ago had eggs in them. Glad to see they are doing vegan options now!

  6. I've never seen that veggie burger before! It sounds nice! Although having 3 in a package is a weird number.