Friday, December 30, 2016

Flashback Photos from Erie VegFest & Looking Ahead with Changes

Erie VegFest took place back on September 24th and I'm embarrassed I didn't post these photos soon!  So sorry!  The Shimmy Shack was a food truck that drove all the way from Michigan to participate!  It was a pretty neat truck!

Once again my parents attended the FEST with me - neither of them are veg - but they enjoy checking them out and have always been supportive of me and my adventures.  My father had the Southwest Burger.

My mom munched on little things all day for the most part.  The truck had a simple yet wonderful concept of doing a basket of fries that was made up of 1/2 regular fries and 1/2 sweet potato fries.

I opted for the Indian Lunch that day!  It was HUGE!

Area and regional businesses participated, too!

Eventho they were not vegetarian eating establishments they did offer vegan options!

I wasn't able to try a lot of them because they were pretty large portions.

The first VegFest I attended was in Buffalo 3 years ago and this vendor participated from Ohio!  She made and sold her own flavored vegan cheese spreads!  I remember them well!  When I saw them at Erie VegFest I knew I had to stop over and mention it to her.  Dad ended up buying 2 of her cheese spreads!  The Blue Cheese with Spirulina was exceptionally awesome! thing Erie VegFest did BETTER than WNY VegFest was that Erie incorporated a Farmers Market type vendor space.  It was a small Farmers Market Vendor space but still more than Buffalo offered.  As you can see here my dad in his TyeDye and my mom in the blue short in the front corner.

We did end up buying more produce that day than anything else.

The prices were good!  The people were nice!  I also found Erie to have more INFO available overall.  Erie did focus more on gluten-free stuff than Buffalo did, too.  However, Buffalo offered way more food options but that isn't surprising due to the size of the two markets and the population.  PLUS...this was Erie's first year and Buffalo's 3rd.  I will say that Erie had a WONDERFULLY IMPRESSIVE first year!  I hope both markets continue to grow!


I have continued to sleep different, wear different under garments, and take B-Complex, B-12, D, and Chlorella Tabs without missing a day!  I've tried to stick to 1 cup of caff tea a day instead of 6 to 8 and I'm upping my herbal tisanes.  I am seeing and feeling a difference over the last 3 days and I hope it continues to improve.  Thank you all for the encouragement!


  1. Yay for Erie's first VegFest! It looks like it was a nice event, especially with a mix of indoor and outdoor vendors! Great to hear you are seeing positive results from the changes you've been making! :)

    1. Thx so much Julie!!!!! I will be over to visit you soon, too!

  2. Erie vegfest looked like a lot of fun! Almost makes me miss Erie. (just kidding)
    Awesome news on all the positive changes. It's always easier to stick with things when you actually see and feel a difference.

    1. Thanks! I have to really stick with it this time :)

  3. VegFest looks like fun! We have out local VegFest coming up this month and I can't wait! Glad you're sleeping better and the positive changes are going well!

    1. Can't wait to see pics from your VegFest later this month!