Friday, September 9, 2016

Little Texas During Fair Week & A Ramble About Humidity!

Thursday of Fair Week we had the band LITTLE TEXAS on the stage performing!  They were a cool group of guys, too!  Music-wise they were the loudest of the 3 groups we had there that week.

The week of fair was a good one eventho it was OVERLY humid and was pouring for the 2nd half of the week which made for a muddy mess by Saturday Night.

It was FUNNY because Tim Foust from Home Free said that he was from the HUMID SOUTH where it was 90 percent humidity and he wasn't sure WHAT or HOW the humidity in our area was doing what it was doing the night he was performing.  We reached over 110% humidity somehow! LOL

When I visit the southern states and it's in the 90s I LOVE it because it's what I consider to be a DRY HEAT and people just don't understand OUR humidity until they experience it.  I ADORE hot weather - I'm just not a fan of pairing it with our heavy humidity!  I remember going to Utah when I was in college and it being 117 degrees at 8pm.  I LOVED it!  Why!?  No humidity.  It felt like it was 80 degrees to me.  That's probably another reason I LOVE Las Vegas!  It can be 120 degrees and DRY and I enjoy it!

There were times this summer - here - where it was 74 degrees with 98% humidity and it felt like it was 100 and you couldn't breathe.  SO STRANGE the weather we've been seeing the last several years.  But that's another conversation.

Today - I will leave you with a LITTLE TEXAS Video...have a great weekend!


  1. That is a crazy amount of humidity! Wow. The weather is getting scarily weird. I wish there was a little more humidity here in Salt Lake City. It's so dry, and coming from Seattle, it's definitely something I'm still adjusting to!

  2. Yeah! I remember going to Southern Utah and loving the low humidity. Funny thing my parents who lived there for 10 years got so use to it that they would apologize for the "high humidity" or for it being "a little overcast" and there would be like a small puff in the sky. XD

  3. Agreed on humidity - one thing I do not miss from living in Florida! And it was hot and humid at night too, awful. We get triple digit heat here in the Sacramento valley, but the air does not feel so oppressive being a dry heat and it gets cool at night - big difference!

    1. I LOVE the humidity in Florida compared to here!