Monday, August 15, 2016

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles (Minus the Trains)

I can't believe it's already been over a week and a half since my last post and I can't believe it's been nearly 5 weeks since hubby and I attended this RC Plane Show up in Olean, NY!

Life has just been flying by that is for sure!  I figured I should post a bit about our trip to see a friend fly his radio control plane and out Car Show from a few weeks ago BEFORE post about the fair and concerts of last week.

Pardon me while I get my past posts caught up!

Yup!  About 5 weeks ago hubby and I went to Olean, NY, to see a friend of ours fly his RC Plane.  It was pretty neat!  I remember it being chilly that day - one of the few chilly days of this summer so far - and a bit gloomy and rainy - as well.

We were able to get our Abarth detailed prior to a local car show we actually participated in this summer!

Because our vehicle was 'too new' and not modified enough we weren't judged to be awarded anything but it was still fun because we were able to meet up with some of our Fiat Friends.

We had a guy in Corry, PA, do the detailing work on our Abarth and it turned out really nice!

I still can't believe it's taken me this long to post about these two day trips!

I will have many more posts coming soon - so stay tuned!

I will have a recap (or several) from the WNY VegFest as well as many from our Warren County Fair.

But first - how about some more photos from the car show, eh!?  This is our car next to our friend Tom's car.  He qualified to be judged for the modified and he won first place!
I still really like the orange graphics and paint we did last year.  My parents don't love it as much as we do - apparently - they think it makes it look like one of those 'Fast and Furious' cars!

That makes me laugh but in a way it's true!


  1. It definitely sounds like a great experience. I like the orange graphics too, ☺️

    1. Thanks! It's fun to get together with the Fiat Group! Wish we could do it more tho :)

  2. I love those orange rims for the wheels. I think it makes the car look cute. I wanted to get a fiat so badly but my husband said it wasn't "practical" enough. 9__9 whatever. XD

    1. Thanks! The rims is what started it all - then we added the graphics :) The Fiats have more leg room than one might think :) We took it to TN last year and packed it up - it worked nice with the back seats down :)