Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy Mail & Crazy Color!

A bit more of back-log-blogging before I start posting about my WNY VegFest Adventures from the weekend.  I have some HAPPY MAIL and Crazy Color to share with you right now!

First up...Happy Mail from NuNaturals!  They repackaged the Oat Fiber and sent some more of the flavored stevia and syrups!  I will be doing more with these in the very near future that is for sure!

You may remember a few months ago that 52 Teas was doing a KickStarter Campaign to change hands from Frank to Anne.  Well, it happened and the new owners have taken over 52 Teas and sent the KickStarter perks to those you participated!  Here are the reblends I received and I am super excited about them!

PLUS the company will remain vegan and organic!  Woot!  Congrats and THANKS to Anne and her daughter for continuing this label or great teas!

I have already tried their Pancake Breakfast Black Tea and LOVE it!  I think it's more bakey-crusty tasting than before and I'm LOVING that!

This morning I received a surprise in the mail from OPAL!  She hand-made this amazingly beautiful knit hat and also send some embossing folders for my Cuttlebug Machine.

I really MUST get back into scrappin' and paper craftin'!

Maybe after fair is over :)

Again a HUGE Thank You to OPAL for these!

The hat will surely come in handy for the cold winters here.  She knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE hats!  And she's incredibly talented!  She is brilliant with fiber crafts!

In other news...

The rooftop garden is going very well!  We didn't do as much of a variety of things this year but what we are trying is doing well!

We started these peppers inside several months ago and actually these three peppers were indoor and window sill gardening attempts.  We didn't take these outside.

These are SUPER HOT!!!  I like spicy but I will be using these in moderation that is for sure!

They are about the length of my finger so they are pretty small but pack a powerful punch!

And I have been blogging about how we are gearing up for fair time and this is where this next photo comes into play!

This year we are going to have a Prize Wheel and here is what it looks like.  My father let us borrow it from his work and DH altered it.  Doesn't it look COOL!?  What CRAZY COLOR, eh?  Sure is colorful!  And we already have a LOT of prizes to giveaway!  That is above and beyond all of the travel mugs we are given to pass out from a local company and this year we also have about 300 bags of chips to pass out, too!  There will be 4 concerts in 5 days so that is where most of my time will be spent once radio life is wrapped up for the day!


  1. Great goodies, NuNaturals products are amazing. My hubby would love those peppers and so sweet on the hat, great color!

    1. I know you are a fan of them, too! Neat people at NuNaturals! I do like the peppers just in moderation! LOL And Opal is so great, isn't sure! She's so sweet and very talented!

  2. I knw it! I knew it! That must have been from Opal, I thought...and I was right! Ooooo...I'd love those peppers! Not easy to grow here - will spoil on the inside....or they get eaten by birds, the small ones. Pests a-plenty!

    1. Yup! It's from Opal! She's a wonderful soul isn't she? I would love to see more pics of wildlife in your area!!!

  3. I'm planning on purchasing more of the NuNaturals for my father. He'd add a few drops to his water. In fact, I drank more water when I supplied him with it.

    The peppers look great. I added some habanero pepper to a vegetable stir fry I made on Sunday.

    I'm so happy you liked your goodies. It was fun preparing them for you and you are definitely worthy of the gifts.

    1. WOW! That's great that he upped his water intake with it! Oh!!!! Be sure you check out my other post - if you order online there is a code in that post to save some $ on your order :)

    2. Yes! LOVED the goodies! Thanks again! Awww and you are so sweet!!!!

    3. That should have been...
      In fact, HE drank more water when I supplied him with it.

    4. I'm ordering it on Amazon. They sell their products their too and it's cheaper. I'm an Amazon Prime member so I receive free shipping. :) I'm also guaranteed to receive my items within two days. You can't beat that.

    5. That's awesome! Just wanted to make sure you knew about the code in case you wanted to use it! That's great they have it on Amazon, too! 2 days is wonderful, indeed!!!!

    6. Oh! Be sure to check out the VegFest posts, too! I know you will LOVE the juices I just posted, too!