Friday, August 28, 2015

Catching Up On Some Reading...

It just occurred to me that September is just a few days away which means not only is this years Vegan MoFo taking place but that means FALL is on its way and winter is right around the corner.

I suppose is as good as time as any to catch up on some reading, eh!?

I downloaded this eBook months ago it seems.  It was FREE thru Vegan Cuts.  I have yet to tap into it.  Shame on me!

I noticed while thumbing thru that Vegan Yak Attack is behind some of these recipes so I KNOW it will be good!

Of course I have other books I am still trying to catch up on and if you put 'cookbook' into my search bar it will show you some of the books I am talking about!

With my last shipment of goodies from The Raw Food World I received an eBook because I bought some Monkfruit Sweetener and will be experimenting with that soon.

This cookbook has celebrity chefs such as Donna Gates, Katrine Volynsky, Cherie Soria, Elaine Love, Chanetal Roy, and Karen Russell.  Of those chefs the two that I am familiar with are Cherie Soria and Elaine Love and I like them both so I am excited to learn about some more new-to-me chefs and their recipes!

I already see a raw vegan lemon cheesecake that has caught my attention.

I do like eBooks but I also like books that you can touch and feel, too!  I'm not much of a book reader but I'm more into cookbooks and reference books than anything.

And speaking of eBooks...

Earlier this summer I took part in Fully Raw Kristina's "Love Your Body" Challenge.

Because I met all of the requirements I qualified to receive her eBook for free.  This photo was on the cover.  I've always loved her videos and photos because of the color that pops thru.

I really love her raw vegan ice cream ideas, HUGE salads, mono-meal ideas, and JUICES!!!

This eBook has 14 meal plans, too, which I always love to check out.  Even if I don't do them to-a-tee I like to grab ideas from them!

And speaking of meal plans...

I also have this to read on deck!

Adria DeCorte's "My 7-Day Raw Meal Plan: Eating Mostly Fruits and Veggies in Real Life."

This eBook is darned impressive at an exciting 60 pages!

I already see a slew of raw sauces for ZOODLES I'm interested in...and just in time for squash season, eh?

So...these are the eBooks I have on deck to read.  I'm also back a couple of issues of my Vegetarian Times!  So much to thumb thru so little time, eh?

Here's one of the issues I have on standby and the other issues is below.

I've been a subscriber of Vegetarian Times for at least 15 years.

I'm pretty sure I still have most of the issues, too!

I have noticed over the last 5 or 6 years they are incorporating more and more vegan recipes so that is great.  A magazine I used to love even before going vegan was VegNews and I know that the production of it was halted for a bit but I thought I heard and/or saw that it's out and about and on shelves again!  I will have to look into that for sure and SOON!

What are your favorite eBooks?  What are your favorite magazines?

Are you a subscriber to Vegetarian Times?  If so what did you think about these last two issues?

Are you into any of the other eBook Authors I have mentioned in this post?

What about raw foodies?  Which raw foodies do you tend to follow?

I have had a bunch of people ask me which YouTube Channels I watch when it comes to raw and vegan people around the world.  I will most likely be doing a post about this in the near future.  In the meantime I would love to hear about your favorites, too!

HAPPY WEEKEND!  Any exciting plans for anyone?


  1. I enjoy reading cookbooks...just to look at the pictures and get some ideas from them. I can't follow recipes, sure disaster! Will cook the old-fashioned away - just follow the nose...or one's instincts.

  2. Great list and agreed on reading, I'm torn between ereading and books. I love cookbooks for recipe inspiration, but sadly have been a little preoccupied lately to look at my cook book stash.

    1. I only got to about half of them this weekend tho!

  3. I love reading cookbooks (particularly vegan ones, but some omnivore ones can be fun for inspiration for recipes I like to veganise). I really need to update my cookbook collection though, it is quite small! Fully Raw Kristina's ebook sounds amazing, I love getting ideas from meal plans too!

    1. I know what you mean about veganizing omni recipes I have done that before too

  4. I love Vegetarian Times! I have had several subscriptions throughout the years. I read tha VegNews is coming back too! I am super excited. I also noticed that vegetarian times is starting to offer a lot more vegan recipes. Yay! I have a book by Nick Hornby who I love waiting to be read, but first I have two other books to finish! I loooove books, real books!

  5. Are you participating in MoFo? I'm looking forward to all the activity :D I have a few e-books, but I'm with you - I do like to be able to hold a book and flick through the pages, perhaps a bit of a traditionalist (and a librarian's daughter). It's funny to think you are going into autumn as we head into spring - all the plants are starting to come back to life, yay!

    1. I am participating in MoFo again this year! I'm looking forward to it!!!! I will swing by your place often, too!