Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I'm NOT a Girlie Girl...but...

I'm declaring today Selfie Day here at my blog...mostly because I am still trying to plug away at my vacation pictures and blogging about the trip we took to West Palm Beach and The Breakers! 

I'm NOT a The Breakers I would have been tremendously out of place if I didn't wear skirts and dresses. 

I did get a new wardrobe out of it so that was cool and now with my new position at work I just might get more use out of the clothes I bought for the trip!

In the first photo I'm on the Terrace of the Flagler Club Level at The Breakers in West Palm Beach.  When I first bought the dress I thought of it as one of those 70's Go-Go Dresses but it ended up being very comfy and I was pretty happy with the purchase.

In the 2nd photo you can see I was a little red from sun burn.  3 years ago I would NOT have worn a shirt without sleeves.  Since I lost the weight I feel a little bit better about it.  I was standing in front of this HUGE Aloe-like plant that was in the front and off to the side of The Breakers.  I probably still have a quazi-hippie thing going on here with this outfit but that is more what I am used to than fancy dresses.

This photo didn't turn out very good but at least you can see another one of the dresses I bought for the trip that I ended up really liking.  My hair in this photo, on the other hand, was pulled back because of all the wind that night.  This dress was a thicker material than the others but I ended up really liking it and I do love the shades of blue!

You will probably be seeing me wear those shoes, more, too!  I bought them on sale for like $6 or $7 dollar just before we left.  They are simple but still outside my comfort zone as far as shoes are concerned.  And YES...all of my shoes are NOT made of leather.

And here's the photo of me drinking FRESH coconut water straight from the coconut!  I know it sounds crazy but it was one of my many mini goals while we were there.

It was SO good!

This photo was taken at The Surf Break (Hut) near the pools - I have blogged about that area of The Breakers prior to this blog post.  Be sure to scroll down for more photos from the trip and from that specific area of The Breakers!

Funny fish face or kissy-face?  Either way...this is me being weird outside of The Breakers during one of the walks we took one morning. 

I believe this was one of the few times I wore capris pants with a dress shirt (blouse).  The  top was white - and I don't normally wear white - but it worked, I guess.  The shirt had some beads and sequence at the top around the neck. I was sitting in front of one of their many gardens.  Nearby was a cute little salamander but I wasn't able to get him the photo..sneaky devil!
And finally this last photo was of me in the last dress I bought before leaving.  I normally don't like big flower prints nor do I like the color pink...pair that with the simple fact it was a dress and it already had 3 strikes against me.  It wasn't bad, tho.  I did like it from the waist down more than the top but it worked for the trip. 

One dress I didn't post here that I REALLY liked was the black and red dress I got but I didn't get a good photo of me in it.  I told hubby that we would just have to start doing more things that warrant me wearing dresses! LOL


  1. Cute dresses! I hardly ever wear dresses or skirts too because of my job, but I may need to shop for an upcoming trip.

  2. The dresses look super cute. I love maxi dresses and skirts. These days, I wear them more than anything else.

    1. Thanks :) I actually liked them - I even surprised myself :)