Friday, May 22, 2015

$1 Vegan Cookbook Surprise Finds! Yay!

A few weeks ago I stopped by our local Dollar Tree and found the following 2 books for only $1 each.  I was so excited!  Not only are they vegan cookbooks/vegan books - they were ones I didn't have my collection!

I had read the 2nd one already but not the 1st one, here...Simple Pleasures: Healthy Seasonal Cooking & Easy Entertaining by Cornelia Guest. 

Not only did I like this book for the recipes but for the information and photography, too!  The little 'gems' throughout the book were delightful.

Cornelia broke recipes down my season and occasion throughout the book not necessarily by dish like most cookbooks do.  I thought it was a nice touch.  It was a very neat book!

The Veganist by Kathy Freston I had read before and enjoyed, too! 

When I read it - I had borrowed it from my local library - but - when I saw that Dollar Tree had it for sale for only $1 I just HAD to purchase it!

Kathy's book is certainly more info than recipes but both were appreciated.

Now that I have found these two books at my local Dollar Tree I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more!

Brand new vegan cookbooks for just $1?



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    1. Thanks! They are! I was pleasantly surprised by the content especially with the first one :)