Friday, April 24, 2015

My LOVE Of Palm Trees!

Once again I am WAY behind on blogging!  But I thought I would jump right in with some posts and try and schedule some as well so you might be seeing a lot more from me over the next few days and weeks!  Many of these posts will be about our trip now that we are back I'm already missing Florida. 

In case you are just tuning in...I won a trip to West Palm Beach Florida at the end of last year and we were supposed to go in March and we had a family and work emergency and we were so lucky that they worked with us to reschedule our trip!  I will NEVER forget that!  The folks at Garden of Life are truly amazing!

Went we went to West Palm Beach we stayed at The Breakers.  I have never stayed at a 5 star hotel so this was a completely amazing experience but with the winter we had here up north - I was so excited just to BE in the middle of 85+ degree temperatures, too!

The theme to this post will be PALM TREES.  There are few things I LOVE more than water falls and palm trees when it comes to landscape and/or nature...there certainly were palm trees at ever glance down there!  There were also a lot of salamanders and lizards, too!

It only rained for a few hours the one evening while we were sleeping. 
In the first photo you will see the historic brick and entrance to The Breakers with the amazing gardens and golf courses surrounding it.  In the next photo another angle from the beautiful grounds.

We stayed on the 6th floor of The Breakers which was part of the Flagler Club.  It was like staying inside of an INN within the hotel.  We had incredible breakfast, snacks, beverages, and other consumables throughout the day and evening as a part of our Flagler Club stay.  More on that in future posts, tho.

One of my favorite parts of the Flagler Club Level was the outdoor terrace - again I will be blogging about that more in the near future.

Today - in this post - it's all about the Palm Trees!  YAY!

This palm is located in the back of the hotel near the beach.  You can see that they had coconuts still in the tree.  They used the coconuts in their own drinks.  One of my many personal goals was to have raw coconut water straight from the coconut which I was finally able to do the 2nd to the last day we were there.  It was fabulous!

I loved the walk way where I was standing taking this photo.  In the evenings it got breezy but the breeze was terrific.  Most days and nights I wore dresses.  I'm not a girlie-girl but I kind of liked it and the dresses I found to wear while we were there.  I will share some of those pics at some point, too!
This next photo was taken on the one side lawn.  EVERY WHERE you looked at The Breakers there was something you could look at, appreciate, and enjoy!  This area had a delightful lawn with gardens and fountain.  Behind where I'm standing taking the picture were pillars and over hangs with comfy chairs, tables, and places to meet and greet and soak up the sun it a casual setting.  If you were to walk thru the court area there was another fountain as well as stores/shops and paths to get to other places in and around the hotel.  Surrounding the hotel were two golf course - on either side - and behind the hotel was the ocean!  They had their own private beach and within the resort they had 9 separate pool areas.

This last photo is off to the side of the hotel behind where I am standing there are other lawn areas, the walkway off to the side facing the ocean, the pool areas off to the other side, and gardens everywhere.  Looking forward is one of the many entrances.  Off to the left there is a hidden playground for the kids, an activities area, the Italian Restaurant, and a Barber Shop...among other things.  Off to the right are shops, the main hotel and lobby, and other historical treasures of The Breakers.

I'm so very grateful I was able to experience this trip.  It was wonderful to get away for a while.  More on this trip over at the TRAVEL BLOG we have set up, too!


  1. What a great trip and so awesome the re-scheduled the trip for you!

    1. I was so excited and thankful they worked with us to reschedule! It was amazing! I have lots of other posts about the trip coming soon, too!