Monday, February 9, 2015

Focusing on My Lymphatic System

For the next 3 days - minimum - I will be doing a detox of sorts - while focusing on my Lymphatic System.  

There are a few things that I want to heal with my body and I feel the Lymphatic System is the perfect place to start.  I have 2 confessions to make up front.  ONE - I've never done this before so it's a learning process - so it's rather fitting that I am posting it here on my blog - My Blissful Journey.  And TWO - as much as I try and do things to improve my life and situation - it doesn't mean I don't have bad habits.  To get a little personal here - the older I get the less comfortable I feel about going undergarment-free (if you know what I mean) and I know that is BAD...I really have to change that.  It's suggested that women go at least 12 hours every day without that kind of support.  Because I have felt physically uncomfortable doing so I haven't for quite some one of the things I will be forcing myself to do during this time is wear a camisole when I get home at the end of the day.  This might sound like a 'small thing' but it's going to be a challenge for me.  

Having said that...some of the other things I will be focusing on over the next 3 days (which will probably turn into all of this week) will be hot and cold compresses on problem areas, hot and cold showers, deep breathing, yoga, walking, and natural deodorants.  Some of these things I do on a daily basis such as wear a natural (non-aluminum) deodorant.  I rarely (close to if ever) wear make-up and I don't even use lotion, etc.  If need be I will be using Grapeseed Oil and/or Coconut Oil.  Another thing I will be doing more of this week is Oil Pulling and I tend to do that with Coconut Oil.

Now...on to what I HOPE to consume...of course this is all based on whether or not I can find these items in my area which has been a complete challenge as of late.

Plantains - altho - not RAW - I do have some in my freezer that I intend to bake.

Leafy Greens - you will see me doing a LOT of salads this week - so that means - I will most likely be posting those with my home-made dressings!

Cranberries - I really doubt I can find fresh ones right now but I do have a stash of dried that I have from my shipments from The Raw Food World.

Raw/Soaked Nuts & Seeds

Coconut, Avocado - Again, our fresh coconut situation here is grim so I'm unsure how this will come into play but I have been rather Avocado-Happy, lately!

Echinacea - as well as other herbal tonics and tisanes

Garlic/Ginger/Turmeric - I eat these in some form almost every day but during this time I hope to incorporate them into other ways, too!

Seaweeds, Spirulina, Chorella

Citrus - whole, juice, in dressings - you name it!

Consume more fruit on empty stomach - such as more fruit based mono meals

Cantaloupe - if possible I would like to make some Cantaloupe Juice and/or Milk

Apple Cider Vinegar (mixed with water and possibly garlic, Agave)

LOTS of Water and Water with Lemon!

I will probably be doing some juicing and smoothies this week, too!  At least that is my goal.  One I would like to try was from an old Dan McDonald Video - 2 Apples, handful of Grapes, 1 Lemon, and a chunk of Ginger.

These are just some of this things I would like to work toward this week.  I'm challenging myself with many of them to try and stay consistent but also try and do some healing.  Please drop by with encouragement this week!  I would appreciate it!


  1. Interesting that you mentioned oil pulling. I read about it a few weeks ago and tried it with coconut oil. At first I gagged and had to spit it out, then I put a 1/2 teaspoon in my mouth and after it melted, it was actually kind of pleasant. It did make my mouth and teeth feel really clean and fresh all day. I drink a smoothie every morning made out of water, 3 cups of spinach, a handful of baby carrots, a chunk of fresh ginger, a 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric, and 1 cup of organic frozen mixed berries. It tastes delicious and I get a lot of nutrients for the day. I also start every morning with a glass of room temperature water and lemon juice. It's supposed to be good for your liver and your circulation. It sounds like you're in for an amazing journey. I guarantee that you're going to feel so energized!

    1. I know what you mean about the oil LOL - but I noticed the same thing! They feel cleaner than when you just use paste. I have been doing more smoothies - but - need to get back into juicing :) Very true about the lemon water!!! Thanks for the comments and encouragement!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I am very happy and impressed to read that you are focusing on your lymphatic system this week.This is very important for overall health. Have you tried holistic lymphatic massage and lymphatic drainage therapies? One of my holistic practitioners has recommended them. Is the food you mentioned in your post designed to support and cleanse the lymphatic system? I look forward to following your journey this week. All the best, Deborah

    1. Thanks for the comment and encouragement! I haven't tried massage - mostly because no one around here does that but I have been reading about it! The foods I mentioned were ones suggested to assist with lymphatic systems. I hope to blog more about that this week :) Thanks again!

  3. I love leafy greens...and use a lot of garlic in my cooking. My missus loves lots of ginger but it is a bit too "heaty" for my system but yes, we do use that and tumeric too in our cooking.

    My friend in the US is telling me about the comeback of coconut there - how it is good in so many years...despite being accused of being the "bad boy" of oils in the past.

    1. Gotta LOVE Garlic, Ginger, and Turmeric!!!!

      Coconut and Coconut products are on the rise here, yes! Coconut Milk, Coconut Butter, Coconut Oil, Coconut Flour, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Aminos...I like nearly everything I have tried!

  4. Very interesting on oil pulling and sounds like great goals. I'm a huge fan of smoothies and have one every morning with kale and ginger, but have not been into juicing lately.

    1. I need to be better about juicing again. I'm thinking MAYBE if I get a new juicer I will be more excited about it. I have a Jack LaLanne NOW and it's ok but I have Juicer envy LOL