Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rooftop & Container Progress

I've been wanting to post these photos for a while now but JUST got around to it today!  Sorry about that!  Thank  you for those who have been asking about our Rooftop Garden and Container Garden Projects!  Thanks for the continued encouragement, too!

In this first photo you will see 4 Brussels Sprout Plants in the orange buckets.  These 4 are doing really well. 

Next to that in the off white pail is one of the Dragons Tongue Plants.  These are doing really well too!  We've since brought another one of these plants outside but we have 3 others inside, too!  In the 2nd photo you can see what the Dragons Tongue Beans look like!  We absolutely LOVE them.  They are so unusual.  So fun!  So flavorful!

And we have a LARGE Broccoli Plant at the bottom that is MASSIVE.

We are eager to see the Broccoli Head start as well as eager to see the Brussels Sprouts start coming out of the side of the stalks.  I will surely keep you posted on that, too!

Mostly we have been gnawing on the beans - raw - to snack on throughout the day.  Some of our Little Marvel Peas are harvesting, too, and we've been snacking on them.  Most of the Little Marvels only have 1 or 2 peas in a pod.  This morning we found a few that were 'hiding' and the pod wilted but the pea inside was still fresh and tasty.

Our Basil has really taken off, too!  I had to grab some a week or two ago and it's really helped with the growth by keeping up with the plucking.

I ended up making some Walnut/Pinenut Pesto with the picked Basil.

In another week or so I will probably pick some more.

I just LOVE the aroma of the Sweet Basil and could just go out and breath in the scent and be happy!

Our Loose Leafy Greens are the WINNER so far.  With the little bit that we planted we have already harvested it about 6 times.

I harvested quite a bit yesterday and haven't used it yet so I might try and do a green smoothie with it tomorrow and/or maybe try and do a sauce or dressing with it, too!

A few select 'greens' on the spicy mix (on the left) flowered and was close to going to seed, I think.

The Spicy Mix sure is spicy so I might try and juice it, too!  Oh...the possibilities!

There are a few things that haven't going well for us - such as Onions and Carrots.  So far all of the onions we have tried haven't done anything.  We are trying one more carrot container in the meantime but so far no such luck with carrots either.

And check this out!  Our very first Pepper!  This will grow to be a Sweet Orange Pepper!  We have a few other varieties that are getting plentiful as well.  This is the most progressed one, tho! 

We've transplanted nearly everything at least once.  We were able to transplant a few things easier than some others - but - I guess - you will have that, eh!?

Most of our Contender Beans didn't make it but we were able to save TWO of them and we brought them back from the brink and they are flowering and budding right now. 

Sam can't wait for the Sunflowers to get big but I will say they are growing quickly!  And FINALLY we have a few heads of Rosalita Lettuce that we were able to bring back from the brink, too, but they still have a ways to go!


  1. Nice greens. The peas look big. Here, we plant Thai basil, not the same - but mine was growing well and one fine day, it just died. Don't think we can plant those peppers here but we can get them at the market - we plant chili...but most of the time, they will get infected and rot...or they get eaten by birds. That is why we don't bother.

    1. I have been thinking about trying Thai Basil - that's more purple than green, right!?
      I'm hoping the pepper turns orange soon so I can get a pic for that for you, too!!!! I would love to see more pics of birds you have locally! Let me know if you ever do a blog post on your local wild life :)

  2. Wowzers!!! This is amazing progress. It all looks so green & beautiful =)

  3. Thanks!!!! We aren't doing very well with root veggies but other things are surprising us so we are pretty pleased :) All a learning process!!! Very FUN!

  4. Wonderful progress, wow! Looks like everything is coming along nicely. Hope all is gong well for you!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I need to post more pics of the lettuce and the mouse melon as well as the Green Beans are finally progressing!

  5. Wow that is awesome! Really thriving up there :-)

    1. Thanks! We've had some fails but for the most part we are pretty pleased :)

  6. Lookin' good! I love the beans! We grow some that look similar to that called Rattlesnake beans. They are luscious : )

    1. I have heard of those before - might have to look into them for next year :) Thanks!