Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SeedsNow Picks - Can't Wait!

I randomly found a packet of unopened seeds from from the purpose I made last  year.  They sent them as a free gift/sample.  At first I thought they were Carrots but they are actually Rio Grande Tomatoes!  YAY!  We are going to put them to the test on the Rooftop Garden we are planning on doing at work.

Tomato Rio Grande.  The tomatoes form in clusters and seem to do well in weather extremes, both hot and cold. Good disease resistance. It is a determinate plant and can be grown in a cage, allowed to sprawl, or trellised. Mid-early paste-type tomato. Space 24" apart.

We hope to order online at soon!  A few things I am interested in are the Tongue of Fire Beans!  I mean LOOK at the color of these!  Aren't they wonderful!?

They are an old Italian Heirloom.  They are known not only for their color but for absorbing the flavor of spices while cooking.  It says on their website that they are best grown April thru June so we better get a move on - especially if we are going to TRY it from seed!  They also noted they like a LOT of water so we must keep an eye on this!
I figured we should try a beet as well.  Mostly because I really must UP my intake of them!  I bought some regular beets from our Farmers Market last year and they were pretty good.  I would like to try different things with them but I also want to try and juice some.  I don't know if the white ones are good for juicing but they made me think about them plus they're only 99 cents on the site so I figured 'why not'.  The company says this variety is easy to grow and that is what we are looking for especially because we will be doing this on a roof top for the first time.

Speaking of supposedly being easy to grow...Amarillo Yellow Carrots!

These are sweet and tender.  They also note that they grow well in containers and raised beds.  Since we will be doing most - if not all - of our growing in containers on the rooftop I assume this will do well!

Fingers Crossed!  I LOVE the color and LOVE that they are a sweet carrot!
When I first looked at these I thought they were tomatoes.  They are Turkish Eggplants!  Of course I was drawn to them because of the vibrant color!  But the product listing on the website says they are easy to grow and are extremely flavorful. 

The size of these are that of a tennis ball and they are orange in color.  I'm super excited to see if we are able to produce these from seed!  These are also listed as 99 cents on their website!
My co-worker Sam and I both LOVE peas and I think we are going to try and get these from SeedsNow as well!  This specific pea is supposed to be the best for warmer temperatures.  Eventho we are not in tropical Florida - for example - this will be on a rooftop and my co-worker/Office Manager/Mother-In-Law is concerned the rooftop may be too hot for a lot of what we want to do.  We are looking into a few things to help with that.  But...these peas might thrive for that's the case!  PLUS it's said that these peas are also tolerate extremely cold temperatures for early sowing.

And FINALLY...the sacred heirloom tomato!  Oh how I LOVE them but they aren't easy to purchase where I live!  Perhaps it's because people around here like the go-to's found in grocery stores and don't understand that heirlooms come in all different shapes and sizes and colors.  I don't know - but I absolutely LOVE them and REALLY REALLY want to try and grow them! Flavors range from mild to sweet and tangy.  I have high hopes and dreams for these!   All of the seeds that I mentioned in this post I found thru and we hope to order soon!  All of the ones we are interested in are featured in their 99 cent section!  I have to admit I'm getting kind of addicted to picking out seeds.  Now I just have to start looking for other starter plants from local shops to filling some blanks.  I will be posting more - soon - about other people's picks and I think Sam has some more that we are looking at soon, too, we just recently committed to trying Kale so I will keep you posted on that, too!  Have you tried any of these specific types of fruits/veggies?  If so - which ones and what did you think of them - not only for taste - but for trying to grow?


  1. I look forward to see how your plants do, I enjoy planing, tending to my crops and harvesting. So much effort but it's extremely rewarding to eat what you've prepared. We have about an acre of garden, thinking about making it a bit bigger this coming planting season, we'll see...

    Kenny of has a lot of great information on gardening so check out his site. He's the blogger I met in person last year, very friendly!

    1. Oh! Thanks for the link and info! I will check that out today! Thanks for the encouragement as well! I regret not doing that garden last year but I'm thinking it's making this project even more exciting!

  2. Can't wait to see how your garden does, so fun. I have big plans for mine this year depending on how long this drought continues.

    1. I can't wait to see yours as well! I wish we lived closer to each other to swap and share produce!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness... your garden is making my mouth water. Mmm delicious produce. So good! Yellow carrots???? They are gorgeous. And you really can't go wrong with heirloom tomatoes!

    1. I just hope it WORKS :)
      We might do some prep this next weekend! Will keep you posted :)