Monday, November 25, 2013

Red Pepper & Cashew Kale Chips

It's been WAY TOO LONG since my last batch of Kale Chips.  Sunday Night when we got home from the hubby's Family Thanksgiving I had a bunch of Kale and wanted to make them for MY family's Thanksgiving on Thursday.  My sister really enjoyed them last year and I told her I would make some again this year.  She seems really excited!  They turned out EPIC if I do say so myself!  I have to restrain myself from eating them prior to Thursday!  Eeeeeek!  This is a picture of the finished product.

Here's what I used for the 'sauce' to coat them prior to putting them in the dehydrator overnight...

2 Sweet Red Bell Peppers
1 C of Cashews
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to taste
5 or 6 Squirts of Bragg's Liquid Aminos
4 T (or so) Lemon Juice
Pinch of Curry

Here's another look at the sauce stand-alone.  I REALLY coated it well!  I ran out of Nutritional Yeast prior to doing these so these are Nutritional Yeast FREE.  Normally I would add some in the mix but didn't this time around.

I had a LOT of sauce left over and used it as a dip last night.  I might use it as a spread on bagels too!  

But I also added 1 T of Garden Of Life Perfect Food Raw (Regular Flavor) to the leftovers.  This sauce is AMAZING!!!  I am tempted to spread this on my top dehydrator sheet and dry it over night and make a cracker out of it!  It sort of tastes cheesy!  YUM!  I will surely keep you posted on that if I do!

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  1. These look great, it's been too long for me too! I need to dig my dehydrator out of the pantry.

    1. You should!!!! Let me know if you do! What kind of a dehydrator do you have?

  2. Not into those regular chips - my girl loves them. I wonder what yours taste like - they sure are different.

    1. Kale Chips are becoming more and more popular here in the states. I think it's great! A nice healthier snack alternative especially if you make them yourself :) The store bought ones aren't too bad either but they tend to be really pricey