Friday, September 13, 2013

Vegan MoFo ~ Creamy Rice With Seitan Bacon & Baby Spinach, Featured Friday Site, & Mostly Liquids - Next Week

Happy Friday!  Last night - in preparation for today I made a rice dish inspired by left overs and made a Creamy Vegan Sauce for it as well!

Leftovers Included:

About 5 slices of Upton's Natural's Seitan Bacon
1/2 Tomato
Large Handful of Baby Spinach

I used White Rice for this but you could use any rice, really.

For the Sauce:

2 T Earth Balance
3 Cloves Garlic
1 Onion
3 T (Bob's Red Mill's) Flour
3 T (Foods Alive) Nutritional Yeast
2 T White Wine
2 C Almond Milk
Garlic Sea Salt to Taste

At the end I also threw in some Wildtree Heart Spaghetti which is basically a mix of dried herbs.  It turned out pretty good and I had a bunch of the sauce left so I am sure I will use that as left overs this weekend, too!

UPDATE: My adventures while using Upton Natural's Seitan Bacon improved last night as I did another BLT using it but this time NOT overcooking!  What a difference!  It was MUCH better.  I will probably pick this product up on a rare occasion when I do come across it.  I got this package in Mentor, Ohio about 2 months ago and that was about 2 and a half hours away.  I'm probably more apt to use Fakin Bacon which is Tempeh based instead of Seitan based.  I will say, tho, this is the best tasting SEITAN I have had to date, tho!  It's been years since I have had Seitan because I had a few bad experiences with it years ago...I just didn't like it.  BUT...this is a real WINNER when it comes to Seitan!  I will no longer be afraid of it thanks to this product!

In other News...Opal is on a Juice Feast/Fast!  She's doing really well!  Swing by her blog and check it out!  She was going to do it for a week but she's extended it for another week because other people wanted to try it as well.  Opal is a wonderful source of info!  I have been thinking about HOW I am going to participate next week.  I think what I will do this time around is do MOSTLY LIQUIDS all next week - Monday thru Friday.  This MIGHT include: Teas and Tonics, Juicing and Smoothies, Pureed Soups, Flavored Waters, etc.  This will be an adventure for me - a Journey - My Blissful Journey, if you will.  I will blog about this journey next week as much as I can.

Friday Feature - One of my favorite Pod Casts to watch for FREE on my AppleTV at the iTunes Store and online on YouTube as well as their website is The Veggie Kitchen with Ed. 

I really LOVE Ed's personality.  He always has a smile on his face.  He always seems so laid back and fun, too!  He's been a vegetarian for over 35 years.

Their website is very nicely done with colorful, high quality photography!  It's very easy to navigate and quiet informational. 

If you have a chance - swing by their social media!  Let me know your thoughts on their show and their recipes!  I know there will be many things you will enjoy!


  1. I like the dish, it's so creamy. I love that. :) Years ago I used to make my own seitan, haven't done that in years since a lot of flour products don't agree with me, but I might make some again to give to my daughter. It will be an occasional treat.

    Oh thanks for the mention, I've received a lot of feedback via email and few of my friends messaged me on Facebook to say that they were interested. I wasn't expecting that, but it's nice to see others looking to try it out to see how they like them. :)

    1. Thanks on the dish! Which flours have you had success with? Ones that don't both you (as much)?

      You're starting a great trend, girl! You are VERY inspiring! That is for sure!

  2. I thought it was a creamy risotto dish, but otherwise this creamy risotto dish looks tasty! I haven't tried Upton's Naturals' Seitan Bacon - but these also look yummy in your dish. Awesome recipe on the cheezy sauce, I use margarine, cream cheeze, garlic, loads of vegan cheeze and creamer for a heavier cheezy sauce (haha!)

    1. Thanks! Which vegan brands to you like best for the cheeze and cream cheese, just curious!?

  3. Yummm that looks so good! I've never tried a veggie-bacon but I might have to look this one up!

    1. And I didn't think it was overly salty so that was nice - I think a lot of 'fake meats' and alternatives and flavored items are too salty - this wasn't too bad :)

  4. This dish looks great, so creative with leftovers and glad the seitan was better the second time around!

    1. Thanks! My mom was just telling me the other day that my Grandmother would be so proud of me for using my leftovers. I hope to blog about that and HER in the near future :)