Monday, August 12, 2013

Homemade Sauces and Such

WOWZA!  What a Week and THEN Some!  Glad I'm able to take a few moments to start trying to catch up on my blog and many other things around the house!  I was extremely busy with work and our county fair last week but I will be chatting about that throughout this week, I am sure!  For now I would like to share a few things I did last week for quick food in between all of the CRAZINESS!  I didn't crop these photos - sorry about that!  This DARK Sauce was VERY rich and flavorful.  I used it as a dip, a dressing, and a sauce.  It's a variation of a recipe in one of my many Moosewood Cookbooks I have laying around the house. 

Here is what's in it...
6 Sun-Dried Tomatoes
1 Tomato
2 Cloves Garlic
A Few leaves of Sweet Basil
2 T Balsamic
Water for Consistency

Here's a strange angle on my funky pasta noodles I had the one night.  I did a Chunky Tomato Marinara which included:

1 Onion
3 Cloves Garlic
1 C Crushed Tomatoes
2 T dried Basil (ran out of fresh)
1/4 tea Thyme
1/4 tea Oregano
1 T Parsley
2 tea (or less) of Grapeseed Oil
Raw Cane Sugar to taste from Wholesome Sweeteners

This is just a little something I threw together - sorry I didn't have the exact measurements.  But I used what was left of the Daiya Shreds, a bit of Almond Milk, a few Tablespoons of Medium Salsa, and a bit of Earth Balance and melted it down.  It was thin but super flavorful.  It was a nice comfort food that night.

I'm still re-cooperating from all of the hustle-bustle last week.  Actually it was Saturday the 3rd thru Yesterday!  I did quite a bit of volunteering, tho, so that felt good.  I worked in two food booths for the fair in between all of my other responsibilities between work, concerts, and helping the hubby with his stuff, too!


  1. Wow, sounds like a crazy week+, looking forward to hearing the details. And the sauces look great!

    1. Thanks! I just snuck in another quick post! LOL - More coming tomorrow, too!

  2. Mmmm the first sauce sounds especially good! And oh those nachos... mmmm.

    1. I was very surprised at the FULL Flavor of that first sauce!