Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Photography & Art - Blissful Journey

 Once again I have some catching up to to in the form of blogging. 

I've blogged about my adventures out and about - around town - and such - and I have some more to share with you.  This time around it will be a bit different, tho. 

Starting with this photo.  The only filter I used was a 'Black & White' setting after taking the photo on my iPhone.  It was taken at a local park.  This is part of Soldiers & Sailors Park in our downtown/Business District (also known as our Historical District). 

You can see the steps going up.  On both sides there are cement seating/bleachers for outside concerts (the stage is behind me).  At the top you will see a small structure - a cement gazebo.  You can sit in it.  There is also a large Sculpture to the left with soldiers as a remembrance.  Behind you can see our Main Street Buildings and Storefronts.  Of course there is a road in between this and the other side of the street.

Several weeks ago I took a walk over to our Crescent Park area of the city.  That's were our General Hospital is and other medical buildings but also a very nice walking park and water front.  This section of town is a big part of why we are listed as a Tree City USA City.  It's not really promoted much around town so I had to do some research on my own!  As you can see I took a LOT of photos that day and held off for a while to post here because I wasn't sure how to go about it.  So last week I did a collage of a few dozen photos and thought that might be best - or this post would have been a mile long!  You should be able to click on each photo to enlarge if you so choose!

Some day I will post photos of the water and ducks but for today I will stick with the trees.  This is really the first time I have concentrated on trees in that area.  There are also historical markers and structures that I will post down the road, too!

There are many things that make me happy - nature, photography, art, culture, traveling, etc. 

I thought I would take some time-out and share some of them with you.  As far as ART is concerned - if you followed my old Crafting Blog you can see see many of my past projects.  But I took a long hiatus from crafting and am trying to slowly return.  I think I am going to switch gears and focus more on Mixed Media for a while and maybe more altered projects.  I also think I will be posting them here on this blog instead of my old one since this is my main site now.

Here is one of my new projects - an Art Journaling page using mixed media.  I know it's a bit dark for my Blissful Journey site, here, but it all can't be rosy.  PLUS...I find this therapeutic so it does bring me bliss.  Almost like a before and after type thing.

"Everyone Has a Dark Side"

"Darkness Lurks Its Head.  Was It Something I Said?"

I used: Gesso, Modge Podge, Powdered Chalk, Glitter, Perfect Pearls, Tattered Angels Ink Spray, Digital Stamps, and Sharpie Craft Markers.

Because I did various layers this page took a few days of going back and forth.  In a way I keep going back to the thought of dedicating this page to those struggling with depression and alcohol and substance abuse.  I know of many and think and pray for them daily in my own way.


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos, they're lovely. I especially love the first shot. You must also, since it's front and center.

    Nice to see you making your lovely cards again. I especially love this one. :)

    1. Thanks so much! I thought it was sort of abstract even tho you could clearly see what the photo was of - probably the lines of the steps, I think.

      I've been trying to get into Art Journaling or Junk Journaling again :)

      At first I hated the way the hair looked but I went back over it the next day and it turned out much better :)

  2. Great photos, very fun. And the art journaling awesome, something I wouldn't mind getting more into and did a lot of in college.

    1. I would LOVE to see you do some Art Journaling and post it to your blog!

  3. I had no idea you are so creative! You're such a good photographer and I love the idea of art journalling. Very cool =)

    1. Awwww! Thanks so much! This comment made my day! It has been a BEAR of a Monday! :)