Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tornadoes, Storms, & How The Furkids Deal

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Last Night was a strange one!  We were under Tornado Warnings, Watches, Severe Thunderstorms, as well!  Tornadoes are not an everyday occurrence where I live. 

<------ In order of appearance: Suzie, Riley, and Paco could have been any closer to each other OR any closer to their MOM while all of the commotion was going on with the storms!

I'm the one with my legs under the white blanket.  We were listening for an extended noise to head down to the basement but we didn't need to!  Thankfully!

I heard that a Tornado touched down in Union City which is about 40 minutes from us and it's rumored there was one in Scandia which is about 10 to 15 minutes from us!  The one in Scandia is unofficial at this time.  There were some without power for a little bit and the street lights were off-whack.  Our internet was down for a little while but nothing major.  This morning there were two school districts in the region on 2-hour delays and there was some debris such as branches and trees that were down and in the road, but again, nothing major to my knowledge.

I will say that Paco turns into a completely different dog when he is unsure of something!  It's like he's trying to be a 'tough guy' but gets really mellow and calm.  He didn't want to stray too far from us, that is for sure!  He did shake a little but not overly-so and not consistently. 

The Dogs were not the only ones who act differently!  YES!  All animals can sense weather changes - AND - mood changes!  It's times like this that I'm reminded of that!
Charlie is the WORST when the storms occur.  But last night - he hid for the first few hours and then was okay towards the tail end of them.  Gabby wasn't too bad.  She was on the stairs the entire time.  I took this photo after things started to wind down a bit.  It's rare if I get a photo of them together let alone with them both looking in my direction.

I'll be back in a little bit with another post - a food post!  Until then...have you had any strange weather lately?  How do your furkids deal with it?  Stay Safe!


  1. It's funny that our female chihuahua loves rain and cold weather, but can't stand thunder and loud noises which was an issue while we lived in Florida! The male chihuahua hates rain and wind and refuses to go outside, so funny. Glad you're okay after the crazy weather!

    1. Thanks! Our Sammy didn't like Wind or rain either :)

  2. Yikes! Glad you guys are ok =)

    1. Thanks! I put some photos on Instagram last week of the damage at the ball fields