Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Pups & Jumpin' Jakes

Yes!  I'm still very behind in my posts!  Sorry!  But I have some pics and stories for you right now!  Including this photo of my 3 Puppers!  I woke up Sunday Morning and Paco wanted out and to play 'like RIGHT NOW", I was up so I figured WHY NOT.  After a while he calmed down.  I caught him in a rare moment of rest as you can see here!  Paco's in front, followed by Riley, and then Suzie is at the end of the sofa! 

Last night I took Paco to my mom and dad's house.  My mother and I put in another Wildtree order!  We are gearing up for another event this Saturday!  We will be at Liberty Winery in Sheridan, NY, and I am very excited about it!  Hopefully we will have nicer weather than we did this past weekend!

Speaking of the dogs of the house...here is another photo of Paco sleeping on my lap over the weekend!  He's so sweet when he's sleeping!

My husband has been snacking on cereal in the evening instead of sweets in most cases and he has been on a Capt'N Crunch kick and apparently Paco is a fan as well.

He has learned to sit with the help of "The Captain".

Riley didn't want to feel left out of the photos this past weekend so he decided to do something CUTE as well!

All 3 of the dogs like getting under the 'covers' and Riley will do that at night usually while we are trying to sleep - as does Suzie!

They sure keep life interesting, don't they?

Also over the weekend we were driving to our nearest Wegman's - which is still 30 mins away and on a rather busy road - TWO Turkey's RAN out in front of us! 

My husband said they were "Jake's".

According to Wiki Answers:
A Jake is an immature male.They look much like hens,but are slimmer.In the winter,young of the year stay with their mothers in large flocks,roaming the winter woods in search of food.Adult males form gobbler flocks,and stay to themselves until spring,when mating season begins.
It was a rare occurrence for us and certainly got our attention!  I'm very grateful that we didn't hit them!  However, they looked quite PISSED at each other and didn't much care that we were in even in the area!  Perhaps they had a 'falling out' or were fighting over 'who gets the girl'.

PS - this photo is a stock photo and not one of the actual bird that we encountered!

Well, I have more planned for tomorrow - how about you!?


  1. Cute pics of the pups and too funny on the turkey, we have a lot of wild turkeys here too and I had to swerve around one in my mom's neighborhood last week.

    1. We usually see them in fields or woods - they rarely go near the roads - unless the road is out in the middle of no where! This was a main road! WOW!! Still shocked by it! LOL

  2. I love your pups!! They are so sweet! We have a TON of turkeys around here. My co-workers fiancee actually just had an accident a couple weeks ago involving turkeys!

    1. Awwww thanks, Nell!

      I hope your friend is ok!

      I hope the turkey is, too, but I'm thinking that probably wasn't the case - a vehicle up against the turkey - the vehicle usually wins! Poor thing!

  3. We don't see any wild turkeys here, too populated I imagine although we do have neighbors that raise them... they just aren't running wild. Cute picture of the dogs!

    1. OMG! Seriously! You should have seen the 2nd turkey's face - he must have been REALLY pissed at his friend! LOL - glad everyone walked (or in their case ran) away with no injuries!