Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pineapple Mango Green Smoothie & Oriya Organics

 One of my mini goals this week was to start waking up earlier AND making more smoothies in the morning to take with me to work.  I've never been a HUGE fan of breakfast foods so I often skip it or take a bagel or piece of fruit.  And  I want something more complete - more healthy - and with my lack of fresh produce lately - I have been using frozen.  I figured frozen is better than nothing, eh!?  I'm especially excited to jump into more Smoothies because of some of the wonderful products I have come across lately...including this one from Oriya Organics.  It's their Superfood Protein Medley!  I wanted to start off simple while testing this product so that is just what I did.  A Simple Green Smoothie!
 This Pineapple Mango Green Smoothie has the following in it:

1 C Frozen Mango
1/2 Crushed Pineapple
2 heaping Tablespoons of Oriya's Superfood Protein Medley
1/2 C Almond Milk
1/2 C Water

This tastes AMAZING!  I've had my run-arounds with Green Smoothie attempts and this makes it SO EASY!  Take a look at what they say on their website!

Oriya Organics’ Superfood Protein Medley is a carefully calibrated blend of the most bioavailable plant protein sources. It has been scientifically formulated to provide a full amino acid profile that unlocks rejuvenating energy and whole-body wellness! The Superfood Protein Medley consists of the following protein-packed superfoods:
  • Sprouted Brown Rice Protein
  • Hemp Protein
  • Sprouted Chia Seeds
  • Chlorella
  • Spirulina
Only the highest quality organic ingredients are sourced directly from producers in accordance with fair trade practices. Our products are handled with care and cold-processing manufacturing techniques are utilized to ensure maximum nutrient content and strength.
I've been wanting to incorporate MORE Hemp Protein, Chia Seeds, Chlorella, and Spirulina in my foods!  This has all 4!  It also have Sprouted Brown Rice Powder.  Sure...I have Chia Seeds and Spirulina in my cupboards and use it when I can but the more the merrier, eh!?

A few other reasons I LOVE this product is:
  • Certified Organic by the USDA
  • Certified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project
  • Certified Vegan by Vegan Action
  • Gluten-Free
  • Raw
AWESOME!  But more importantly - it tastes good!  Since I used it in a sweet fruity smoothie I will not write about what it tastes like stand-alone, YET, but I probably will down the road!  I'm VERY happy with this product and my first impressions of it are all positive!  I can't want to try it in my next creation as well as try their other products! 


  1. I like green smoothies, I use the dark leafy greens from our garden. I'm an early riser, usually up by 3:30 I've found the cleaner I eat the more energy I have. My workouts are intense, but I always have a lot of energy to blast through my routines.

    1. Even the 'greens' have been looking not-so-good here...I can't wait until warmer weather and farmers market season!

  2. Very interesting, I need to try that protein. I've been mixing and alternating between Garden of Life's raw protein and hemp protein lately, so the blend sounds perfect. I'm in such a smoothie habit that I even have them for breakfast on weekends, perfect before work when my stomach is not super awake or a pre-workout meal.

    1. I have a different one today, too! Posting later this morning! I haven't tried Garden of Life's yet! Did you post about Oriya before? I think that is where I first saw it but I couldn't find it on your blog when I searched for it!