Monday, April 8, 2013

Lush Gourmet Foods Coffee Nuts & New Earth Chocolate Goddess Clusters

 I'm so happy I was able to try each flavor of nuts Lush Gourmet Foods offers!   I LOVED every single one of them - all for different reasons!  They were FAB!  The last flavor I would like to share with you is their Coffee Flavor.  According to their website here is their product description of this flavor:
Have that craving for a cup of coffee? You can get your quick fix with Coffee Lush Nuts. Coated with freshly brewed coffee that has been cooked down to a concentration, this blend is great in the morning, after dinner or on the go!
My very first thoughts after biting into one of these was " right!".  I'm not saying I am a coffee expert by any means but I do enjoy these coffee flavored nuts!  They were crispy and gently crunchy.  They were a little salty - just a hint of salt, tho!  The aftertaste is that of creamy peanut butter and a hardy coffee combo.  They were slightly bitter - but in a good way - and the peanut and salt - smooths it out a little nicer! Like I said...I'm not much of a coffee fan but these are darned tasty!

Another product I have enjoyed recently are the Chocolate Goddess Clusters from New Earth! 

Here is a little more about this product - directly from their website:
Brownie Love Bites (formerly Chocolate Goddess Clusters) = Rich, Raw Chocolate Brownie... Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Grain Free.... and Yummy!

Nourish your heart, Sweeten your life, Feed your INNER GODDESS!
Imagine rich, fresh, gooey brownies - now add a bit of texture from coconut chips, and viola! - you have the flavor of Brownie Love Bites! 
  • Balinese Raw Cacao Powder is rich in antioxidants, neurotransmitters, and is high in magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium and manganese.
  • Coconut chips Coconut Chips are rich in HEALTHY saturated fats and fiber
  • Raw Honey boosts our immune system, supports digestion, and contains 27 minerals, 22 amino acids, and 5,000 live enzymes!
  • Maple Syrup is an excellent source of manganese and a good source of zinc
*All ingredients are organic and/or wildcrafted from the most pristine growing regions around the world!

Brownie Love Bites are for nourishing your Heart and Bringing Sweetness into your Life!  Everyone deserves CHOCOLATE!!!

Our ingredients:
organic coconut chips, organic raw balinese cacao powder, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic maple syrup, wildcrafted raw honey, organic mesquite pod, organic vanilla powder, wildcrafted himalayan pink salt, inner beauty and lots of love.
Worth noting:
Whoa! Where is all that saturated fat coming from? Cacao powder, coconut chips, and a touch of coconut oil - all clean-burning, healthy sources of fats! According to our lab-generated nutrition label, our 4oz bag contains 2.5 servings. According to my eating patterns and preferences, our 4oz bag contains 3-4 servings.

**Formerly Chocolate Goddess Clusters, Brownie Love Bites have a new Delicious Name!
Now...because these have Raw Honey in them they aren't TRUE VEGAN by definition...they refer to them as BEEGAN or like I have mentioned on this website before Apian Vegan.  I found these to be VERY Brownie-Like!  You can only eat one or two at a time!  They are VERY RICH.  They have a delightful chewiness to them, too!  They are heavy on the chocolate and coconut and that makes it a wonderful sweet treat!  Right after I tasted all the lovely coconut it follows quickly with a terrific creaminess to it!  These are TOTALLY YUM!  But you can't have too many of them in one sitting!  But that makes it stretch even farther and last longer!

So there you have it!  Just a few products I have been able to try the last few weeks and have enjoyed!  Have your tried any new-to-you products in the last few weeks?  If so - what were they?


  1. Very interesting product reviews, especially the coffee nuts, yum! Thanks for the info.

    1. I loved these little samplers I got to try!

  2. Replies
    1. PS: I found some more CDs to send your way in a future box!

  3. Doesn't Lush make cosmetics too, or am I getting them confused with another company? I can't say I've eaten any new to me products lately but then, I don't eat too may prepackaged foods.

    I am ordering wheat grass seeds to grow outside, I haven't planted them in a few years so I guess that qualifies as something I haven't tried in a while...

    1. There is a Lush Cosmetics but I believe they are separate companies, I think! :)

      These were neat little sampler packs that I nibbled on over the last month or more!

      Wheat Grass Seeds TOTALLY count as new-to-me/you products! I'd love to hear about them!

  4. The coffee nuts sound wonderful! I'm a coffee addict -and I think it's a flavor that goes well with EVERYTHING : )

    1. I bet these are right up your alley :) Let me know if you ever get a chance to try them!