Thursday, April 18, 2013

Part 2 on the Grain Dish From Yesterday & Savory Spinach Butternut Squash

 I knew I forgot something yesterday!  I told you about my Heritage Blend Dish and forgot to post the photo of the actual DISH!  Sorry about that!  So, here, it is!  Recipe is in yesterday's post. 

I was also mentioning yesterday how CRAZY BUSY it's been because of everything happening in the news, nationally, well the last few days we have had several BIG local stories, too!  There are LOTS of scary things happening.  Once again...I am grateful to have this blog as an escape!

Last Night I had an eventful and productive evening.  I went Late-Night Grocery Shopping - I haven't done that in a WHILE!  I basically got a bunch of larger items - dog and cat food - paper products - etc.  I was able to find a deal on Mangoes for just 66 cents each so I bought 3.  I also found some bagged, pre-cut, organic butternut squash so I bought that!  I ran home and came up with this Squash Dish!

It has about 1 pound of Butternut Squash
1/8 C Wildtree Savory Spinach
Splash of Garlic Grapeseed Oil
Sprinkle of Wildtree Lemon Pepper as well as Wildtree California Garlic Pepper Blend to taste!

Just a quick note to say HI and show you these two dishes!  It's been another DO-ZEE of a day!  How are things in your part of the world?


  1. The news has been very scary this week, TGIF! The squash dish looks wonderful!

    1. Yes! Last week is a week I don't think any of use want to repeat! That is for sure! The Squash was tasty! I would try it again! I think you saw that I used some of it on a salad on Instagram, too, right!? I will be posting about my weekend and food adventures later today!

  2. I love squash, during harvest season I make squash soup. A raw version and a cooked version, so flavorful you really don't need to add that much to the dish.

    It's been a busy week for my daughter and I, things will slow down after tomorrow after her musical. It doesn't look like we'll get a break this weekend. Oh well, we'll make up for it next weekend!

    In other news, I finally know when I'll receive my honeybees. They'll be arriving at the end of May, looking forward to having additional pollinators in our garden. Funny story, towards the end of last year one of my Vegan pals gave me a lecture about having Honeybees. I replied, you do know their numbers have been decreasing at an alarming rate, right? And without honeybees (which are the #1 pollinators by the way) 80% of our produce would be eliminated. It makes sense to help out these creatures anyway we can. I guess he didn't know that. I told him that in a nice way, since my style isn't confrontation. I also added that just because I'm getting Honeybees doesn't mean I want their honey. I find it mildly annoying that people automatically assume I'm getting them for their Honey. No, I've always loved bees (especially Honeybees. Mason bees and Bumblebees.)

    1. I would love to hear more about your squash soup! YUM!

      I understand the frustration with some of the more militant vegans out there - that's sometimes say near vegan or vegan in diet or even Apia(n) or Beegan because I have been on the other side of that as well.

      I have watched many documentaries on the Honeybees and continue to try and education myself on them. I have learned a lot from you and know I will continue to!

      I can understand your frustration when people quickly assume things! I sometimes consume honey but prefer Agave, actually. I'm with YOU that Pollination is SUPER important! I am more interested in that than anything...and, of course, helping them along so they do not become even more endangered or completely die-out! That would screw with nature horribly!