Friday, April 26, 2013

Garden Diet, Blogging Buddies, Quick Meals, NEW Wildtree Products, The Furkids, & Chajin

Yesterday I wrote about my salads and the leftover dressing I added to them and today I have photos for you!  I also took one with Nutritional Yeast over top of the dressing but I think you get the idea.  My favorite part of this is how colorful it is!  LOVE the colors in food!

I'm inspired by other people when it comes to Juices, Smoothies, Dressings, and other Home Made Foods.  Two of my favorites are Opal and Christine.  I would recommend these two blogs to anyone!  Both of these ladies are wonderful people - very nice - knowledgeable - and compassionate!  They are very hard workers and busy gals but always drop by to say HI on my blog!  I LOVE that!  And I want to thank them both for being such good blogging buddies!  Christine has been ROCKIN' the Avocado Dressings lately and I finally took the step to try one of my own!  I'm glad I did!  Now I am looking forward to my next attempt!
And it was Opal who originally introduced (virtually) me to Storm and Jinjee and I have been following them on Social Media for about 5 or 6 years now.  I get their emails and updates and have learned a lot from them both!  They have a beautiful family!  This morning I received on of the emails from them with a special deal in it.  In short, I could get 22 of their eBooks for just $19 - as well as some of their fave recipes and lifetime access to their Message Board/Site.  After some thought I decided to take that step, too!  I went ahead and tapped into my secret stash and bought the $19 package!  Read more about what that includes HERE.

Lately I have been adding Organic Lemon Juice to my water!  I know it sounds easy enough and it is.  Lemon is detoxifying, helps fight bacteria, helps fight pain and inflammation, and much more!   I want to do at least 1 large glass a day of this.  Throughout the day I drink plain water and various teas and herbal tonics.  I have also been increasing my smoothies and I do like juicing on occasion, too!  Other than those things I don't really drink much else.  (As a treat some wine or crafted ale).

Yesterday I also told you about the Vegan Mac & Cheese I did and how I had SO MUCH left over Vegan Cheese Sauce!  Well, last night I made some White Rice (I usually use other rices and haven't been using as much White Rice Lately but I am trying to use what little I have left to get some more shelf space cleared as well as more empty Mason Jars). 


I made this Vegan Cheesy Rice & Veggies Dish with the sauce I had left over!  I used some mixed veggies, here, as well!  It was a super simple and QUICK dish and I had it for an early lunch today.
Last week we 'got word' of a few new products that will be available in our Wildtree Line including 3 USDA Organic Drink Mixers and 2 Seasonings.  They will be on the website and available for purchase this weekend!  I haven't tried them yet but I have had a lot of people comment on them! 

I'm also very excited to see the new LABELS and LABELING that Wildtree is rolling out!  VERY EXCITING!  Again, we are rearing up for tomorrow's tasting and pairing at Liberty Winery in Sheridan, NY, and it's going to be a GREAT TIME!

I was so happy to get some mail from Japan today!  I received Sayama Aracha Sencha Green Tea from produced from the Morita Family Tea Garden in Japan.  Along with it I received this note!  I'm so excited to be Chajin AKA "tea person" or "Lover of Tea".  I will be reviewing this and other teas over at the Sororitea Sisters Website that I co-founded with my Sororitea Sister Anne a few years ago!
Last night the "furkids" were being even CUTER than usual so of course I had to snap some quick pictures on my iPhone.

Here is Paco!  What a HAM!  He's sitting on the Love Seat all in a perfect circle.  He does this when he gets tired at the end of the day...right before bed.

I tried to get photos of the cats but Charlie was sleeping and it turned out fuzzy and Gabby was in the dark and I didn't want to interrupt her slumber either.  Soon, tho, I will have a CAT Day!

Riley has been doing pretty good after his oral surgery!  His panting isn't as bad and thankfully his breath isn't as bad either.  SOON I will be getting Parsley from my mother's herb garden and giving them each a little bit each night.  Parsley is a great Breath Freshener.

After I took Paco's photo on the Love Seat - Riley barged thru - so I had to take a photo of him on the Love Seat!  I swear they are totally like human children!  "Mom...he took my seat!"


The leader of the pack - Suzie - prefers being up HIGH so she was the rebel and jumped up on the back of the Love Seat and sat there. 

For an older lady - she is still quite the SPIT FIRE.

So there are some updates and photos on the "kids"...but not before Paco gets his last word in - with a 2nd photo!

So...what are your plans for the weekend?

What dishes did you make this past week that you were happy with?

Any mini-goals for the next week?

Who are some bloggers and buddies that inspire you?  What are their websites/URLs?  I would love to pay them a visit!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  Drop me a note!


  1. You know I love color! That salad looks yummy. Yesterday, I made wontons & pizza for my daughter. She thought they both were delicious but I wasn't hungry, still doing my juices/smoothies.

    Thanks for the mention. I don't blog as much about food as I did on VeganMomma but I with my newest personal site I wanted to do a bit more. Which is why I blog about many things... but mostly crafts. ;)

    Yep, I remember stumbling upon Storm & Jinjee's site several years ago.

    1. Drop me an email with any other sites you might have :) I would love to see them!

      I have Jinjee on my facebook and I get their daily inspiration emails, too!

    2. I forgot to add my blog inspirations... let's see Suituapui is on that list.

      He's a retired school teacher that lives in Malaysia, because of him I've been introduced to some fruits and vegetables that I've never heard of before. He's not vegetarian, but his meals always look wonderful. He's engaging, interacts with those on his site and he also makes an effort to visit their virtual homes also! Now that's impressive, not too many will return the favor. It's yet another reason I like him, since I do the same thing - comment on my site and visit my guests site too.

      Hmm, I like Curls & Q also, a great crafting blog and she is a retired teacher also. I love teachers! She and her sister blog at I enjoy seeing what they're up to it's mostly knitting, sewing and paper crafts.. but occasionally I'll get a peek at their other interests also.
      Of course I like your site, you've come a long way and now are actively posting what you eat.

    3. Thanks for the info! I think I went to his before but I don't know if I commented or not! I will swing by again!

      Thanks for the feedback on my blog, too! And constant encouragement :) You are wonderful!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, very sweet! :-) I've been loving avocados lately, such a great creamy base for vegan recipes. The rice creation sounds wonderful! And thanks for the heads up on the book deal. The fur kids are adorable and happy Friday!

    1. Thank YOU!!!! Let me know if you get those eBooks! Are you familiar with that family? They have great websites! I think you can still see their breakthrough video on YouTube!

      Happy Friday!

  3. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Ooooo...what lovely salads you have there! Over here, if we want salads like those, we would have to buy imported veg and stuff - more expensive, of course and not that fresh. Those planted locally are limited and not that cheap either and I worry about the chemicals used especially from those big-scale farms - not that much control in developing and 3rd World countries. I would settle for our own locally-grown tropical vegetables and eat them our style - with pounded dried prawn paste + chili dip.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! I totally understand you worrying about chemicals! We worry about that, here, too! It's becoming more and more of a problem, that is for sure! The bigger the farm the bigger the problem in most cases! I have been searching your blog for more of those wonderful local fruits and veggies you speak of! Can't wait to learn more from you and your blog!