Monday, April 29, 2013

Wildtree & Liberty Winery, Cats & Dogs, Smoothies & Super Heroes, Chiropractors & Corvettes, OH MY!

 It's another Monday Mish-Mash of a post, here, hope you don't mind!  I got a nice "sweet and innocent" shot of Charlie this weekend - don't let the feral cat fool you, folks!  But of course we LOVE him anyway!  Charlie is a BIG Cat!  Then there is Gabby who is the Tiny Tot of the family.  Altho the next photo is a little dark and grainy I wanted to post it regardless because it's cute and rare that I am able to capture a moment like this.  I took it last night right before bed! 
Charlie has this thing with my sneakers!  He lays on them and protects them.  Last night I started wearing my new sneakers which I will blog about later this week.  As you can see he and Gabby are BUDs.  You can also see just how BIG Charlie is and how small Gabby is, here.  They are polar opposites!  Gabby is always happy and mowing and purring and Charlie is our little BAD ASS.  But together - they work!

Last Friday afternoon my husband notified me that our 1972 Stingray Corvette (with T-Tops) was ready for the warm weather and road-ready for the season.  He did a lot of work on it last summer and I hope he/we get to enjoy it this year!  One of the last things that happened before we put it in storage for the winter we ME getting my Michael Franti CD stuck in there!  Grrrr!  I'm still waiting for the CD, hint, hint!

Last week my father was out of town on business.  He's a Merchandise Manager for a local/regional Convenience Store Chain here and he buys beverages for the stores among other things.  Each year they have a large trade show in Buffalo, NY, and it's themed.  This years theme was SUPER HERO(es).  He decided he was going to dress up like Wolverine from The X-Men Franchise.  The X-Men have been one of my faves!  My father is a shorter type man and in his early 60s.  He has Salt and Pepper Hair (we don't say grey)!  But here he is having a blast as Wolverine along side a co-worker as Captain America.  He had a wig for this but dyed his mustache.  He dye didn't come out so he had to shave it off!  My father has only NOT had his mustache twice in my life!  It just doesn't look right but at least it will grow back, eh!?

Saturday we spent the day at Liberty Winery in Sheridan, NY, and had fun with the staff at the winery as well as our Wildtree Tasting there!  It was a very nice day!  Here is my sister with one side of our display!

And here is the other side of the display.  very sorry if these photos are small than usual...I had to use photobucket for storage and uploading today as the blogger platform was taking forever to upload them.

We have the next few weekends off but then we have 4 weekends straight where we have Wildtree Events planned!  One being the Gus Macker 3-on-3 in Warren, PA - I think we might only do that Saturday of the Basketball Tourney - it's paired with the annual Burger Festival.  Then we have a Strawberry Festival coming up as well as Women In The Outdoors event near Chapman Dam State Park but I will fill you in on those as they get closer!

This photo of Paco was taken Sunday.  I thought it was too cute NOT to post!  Paco was a very good boy this past weekend!  He chilled out most of Sunday/Night.

In other news - I finally got an appointment with a Chiropractor tomorrow - I will let you know how this goes but I am not going to lie - I am nervous as hell!

And, finally, for today, anyways...a SMOOTHIE!

This morning I made a HUGE Smoothie - I have enough for tomorrow, too!

Mixed Berries - Raspberries, Black Berries, and Strawberries with Soy Milk and Oriya Protein Powder!  It was one of my better attempts at smoothies thus far!

How was your weekend?  Do anything special?  Did you take any photos?  Do you have any Wineries nearby that you frequent?  What are their names?  Have you ever gone to a Chiropractor?  For Sciatica?  For Leg/Hip/Arch Problems?  Any tips?


  1. Busy weekend and great pick of your dad! Wow on the Stingray, very nice! My weekend went by too fast, don't they always? Had a blast seeing Oblivion and at a trampoline gym for my niece's birthday party.

    1. My Dad's a hoot! :)
      Yes! Weekends ALWAYS go by too fast!I'll be over to visit you soon! Yesterday was a little nuts and today is shaping up that way, too! I did see the trampoline pics on IG - those were cool!!! Glad you had fun!

  2. Hope the Chiro went well! I've seen great results from one. I also like the Spine worx gadget for relieving sciatica - it helps a lot (and they're pretty reasonably priced : )

    1. I go at 2:45 - I'm nervous!
      I know I shouldn't be but I am! What's the Spine Worx Gadget? I will have to google! :) Thanks!

      Figures today I feel awesome! LOL

  3. I've always loved Stingrays, a car that I'll eventually get. You're dad makes a really nice Wolverine, I've been a fan of X-Men long before it became a movie, been a fan of the comic since the 1990s. ;)

    The smoothie is looking good, yep busy weekend for us not what we planned but we still had a great time. :)

    1. Hubby's goal was to get one before he was 30 and he's 40!

      Yup! I've been a fan of X-Men for a while as well! I think it's because they celebrate 'differences' in people.

      I've been enjoying your smoothie posts, too!