Friday, March 15, 2013

Rice is Nice, Naturally Sweet, and Never Any Meat!

This week was Irish Foods Week on my blog and I didn't do as many as I usually do...I have been doing about 3 dishes a week!  I do have one for you today, but I might try and do one more LATE this weekend!  I will have several posts today!  It's been a busy week and I have to do some catch-up!  First...I have a recipe or at least an idea starter for you.  I don't have a picture of it tho!  So sorry!

Many of you know I love to mess around with Rice Dishes.  And if I see a type of rice I do NOT have in my pantry I can't help but grab it!  Oddly - I'm running a little low on rices at the moment!  I will have to go find some more and SOON!

As for this Rice Dish, today, I wanted to try and incorporate some Irish Inspired Flavors with it, too!  After doing some research on "Irish Rice" I found something called Irish "Dummy" Rice...Well, I don't think that's very nice!  So, I'm going to put MY spin on we go...

Irish "Nice" Rice

2 T Earth Balance
1 Small Onion
1 C Mushrooms
1 C Cooked Brown Rice
2 T Parsley

Basically I cooked the rice - by itself - and 'browned' the other ingredients in a different pan.  I combined them, added the Parsley, simmered for a while.  You could add water or veggie broth to it while simmering if you wish.You could also use your choice of oil instead of Earth Balance or another way is to add more Onion and water instead of oil - just keep an eye on it a bit closer so it doesn't stick or burn.  Most Onions will give you not only a good flavor but the natural juices to help 'cook' it.

In other news I got a few things in the mail yesterday!  I'm SO excited!  I received my VeganEssentials Order and also got a HUGE box from Wholesome Sweeteners!  I will be doing MANY reviews on these products as well as a Wholesome Sweeteners Giveaway SOON.

Speaking of Giveaways...

I will have a GIVEAWAY for the VeganDelish iPad/iPhone App VERY SOON!  If not today - tomorrow!  I will be doing a review as well as a couple of giveaways!  Courtesy of the creator who is Carrie from  LOVE this App!  LOVE IT!

AND...speaking of reviews...I have one for you right now, too!  This post I would like to chat about Raw Revolution's Golden Cashew Bar!
Product Description on their website:

Organic Cashews, Organic Dates, Organic Sunflower Seed Kernels, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Almonds, Organic Sprouted Flax Seed. CONTAINS TREE NUTS. PEANUT-FREE
NUTRITION FACTS:Serving Size 1 bar 1.8oz (51g) Amount Per Serving: Calories 230, Calories from fat 130, Total Fat 14g (22%DV), Saturated Fat 2g (10%DV), Trans Fat 0g (0%DV), Cholesterol 0mg (0%DV), Sodium 0mg (0%DV), Total Carbohydrates 23g (8%DV), Dietary Fiber 3g (13%DV), Sugars 15g, Protein 7g, Vitamin A 2%, Vitamin C 6%, Calcium 6%, Iron 15%, DV=% Daily Value.

I think the Golden Cashew Bar from Raw Revolution is absolutely WONDERFUL!  It's sweet and nutty - thanks to the Cashews, Dates, and Almonds - and it projects that terrific flavor right upfront - as soon as you bite into it!  The Nuts and Seeds provide a nice crunch, too!  Of course the Agave and Dates contribute to the overall sweetness, as well!  I really LOVE that this is full of Protein, Calcium, Vitamins A & C, Fiber, and Iron.  It's full of GOODNESS thru and thru!  A glorious delight, indeed!

Check back for many more posts!  Today, Tomorrow, thru the weekend - I'll be around!  Comments ALWAYS welcome!

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