Friday, March 15, 2013

Irish Tomatoes & Hot Curry Nuts From Lush!

Some people refer to something like this as Irish Tomatoes or Breakfast Tomatoes or even Irish Breakfast Tomatoes - whatever you call them - they are easy and FLAVORFUL!  Of course you know me...I had to put my own little spin on them!

I've done these in my toaster oven before.  I added a little Grapeseed oil to the pan so they didn't stick.  In a case like this - any of the flavors would work - I usually like to use either the Garlic or the Basil Pesto!

Sometimes I just cut them in half if they are smaller tomatoes or sometimes I will slice them in rounds or dice them largely.  It depends on my mood sometimes!

I also like to drizzle a little Grapeseed Oil over top of them then sprinkle Garlic and Thyme.  BUT...these are fun because you can really put anything on them!  Any herb!  Any seasoning!  Do them plain!  Add Balsamic!  Or stand-alone with Nutritional Yeast!  You could also sprinkle some Daiya Shreds or real cheese if that is your thing.  I also like to add minced Garlic and Chopped Onions to these!  The possibilities are endless!  And they are OH-SO-GOOD!

I have another Lush Gourmet Foods Review for you today!  This time's their Hot Curry Flavor!
This daring flavor has become a favorite of the bunch. The flavor of the curry is a wonderful compliment to the peanut, and the heat from this spice will leave you with a bite.
I LOVE Curry!  And I LOVE Spice!  So my level of spice might be a little over estimated by some.  For example...both my mother and sister do NOT do spicy at they may want to stick to some of the other flavors.  BUT... found these to be AWE-SOME!

They are not overly hot but they have a nice spice!  A 'warming' aftertaste with lovely curry likeness to them!  They are somewhat candied and somewhat spicy!  I think they are perfectly coated!  They are really done to perfection!  If you like curry - these are a MUST!

PLEASE Scroll down...I have another post today!  And coming soon...I hope to have a review and a giveaway for the Vegan Delish App on iPad and iPhone!  PLEASE check back!  I hope your Friday is going well!


  1. I love tomatoes, raw or cooked I'll take them. The ones above look really great.

    I absolutely love curry! It's one of my favorite spices. Have you ever made your own? I think I like my homemade version even better than the already prepared curry.

    1. For Curry Seasoning I usual get it in bulk from my local herb store who gets it from Frontier Co-Op

      But I have made curry-like flavors with various seasonings/herbs I have had on-hand, too! :)