Saturday, February 2, 2013

Infusion Tea & Vegetarian Restaurant - Winter Park, FL

Photo Credits: TasteMyBuds

Lately I have been thinking back to the Vegetarian Restaurants I have been able to visit the last several years.  It's not as many as most Veg*n Bloggers as I live in a Rural Area and must travel to the ones I do come across but I am grateful for the ones I have been to thus far.  Some of them have gone out of business but some have been around for a while, too!

The last time we went to Florida was in 2009 and I was luck enough to visit Winter Park - just outside of Orlando!  Not only was this place a vegetarian restaurant it was also a Tea Place!  Combining TWO of my favorite things!  YAY!

BUT...back then I didn't have this blog active so I didn't blog about it!  BUT...I did review it over on Steepster!  Thank GOODNESS!  Here is that review!

Again...this is from 2009...

This past summer I visited Infusion Tea in (Winter Park) Orlando, FL. The facade and location surroundings are in such a beautiful downtown/Main Street Type setting. We parked on the street in mid-afternoon so I am not the best to judge their actual parking situation.
The selection of Loose Leaf Teas was awesome…I ended up ordering 2 FRESH and ICED and then brought 3 to take home…I liked them all. They featured a vegetarian and vegan menu which was great…since I am a vegetarian. My husband is NOT a vegetarian but also enjoyed the food there…which is a BIG DEAL (trust me). They had a neat little gift shop as well as a local Artisan Section and more than a couple of shelves of books and other areas of interest. I noticed posters and flyers advertising upcoming events and it seems like they always have something going on whether it’s game night or poetry night or something for artists or tea lovers or vegetarians.
I really enjoyed my experience and would love to go back someday. The staff was nice and the tea and food were awesome. Last time I looked at their website they didn’t have all of their teas listed on it and even though I have sent them emails – and they have emailed back most times – when I asked about ordering their tea online – or getting a complete list of teas available for order – I received mixed responses and have yet to purchase online.
But all and all I really like this place and their tea!

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