Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Smiles, Savings, & Sprouts!

 This was my husband's fortune in his fortune cookie the other day!  It cracked us up!  Immediately we thought of Mike Meyers' LOVE GURU.
 If you read my post from yesterday you will see I went shopping!  Sure I spent some - but I also saved!  I found these babies at our local Big Lots!  I love finding random goodies there!
 Like I said I started sprouting again and here is a pic of the Lentils I am sprouting!  More coming soon on these and what I will do with them!
 And if you have been to my blog before you know I have been posting a lot about my cats and dogs!  Well, here are some more pics of my pups!  The top two are Suzie and Riley.  They are BUDS!!!
 And here is Senor Paco!  This was taken Sunday Night...he totally did this himself.  He sure knows how to bundle up!
 Okay...more produce!  These are from Sam's Club.  I bought 3 pounds for $2.99!  OMG!  I LOVE these Zima Tomatoes!
I bought 3 different kinds of Granola at Big Lots the other day!  This was one of them!  All 3 I bought were free of animal products - thus being - VEGAN!

Like I said...I have LOTS to post!  So stay tuned!  These are just a few of the many things that have made me smile lately, the sprouting I have been up to, and the savings I have found!

How about you?

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  1. Oh that's too funny that you started sprouting again. I sprout but last week I sprouted something that I hadn't in a while.... lentils!

    Your dogs are adorable.

    1. What will you be using your sprouted lentils for?

      I'm looking for some more ideas for them - outside of the box, ya know!

    2. Oh there are a lot of ways you can use them some ways I use them are in tacos, salads, raw veggie chips, etc,

    3. I'm done them on salads and stuff and on sandwiches ut haven't on taco's yet and will have to look for raw veggie chips with them! Thanks! :)