Thursday, January 24, 2013

Salty Chocolate Snackle Mouth

Recently I purchased this Bad Boy thru the VeganEssentials Website just for kicks.  I tried it and can honestly say I am hooked!

DAMN YOU Snackle Mouth!

The Product Description on their sites says...
Sweet and Salty….we get it and we likey!  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night, snack time – seriously, any time is the right time to eat Chocolate.  So, we baked in loads of yum and sprinkled just the right amount of sea salt for a little zippy-do.

MY Product Description...
Sure the box is super cool to look at but it gets even better once you open it!  You can see the awesomeness of the natural ingredients - HUGE - FULL - Hearty - Ingredients!  Clusters to the fullest extent!  I think that is one of my favorite things about this!  Clusters!  I LOVE it when my granola has clusters!  I'm not much of a salt person, usually.  But Snackle Mouth does it right!  They add just enough to be true to it's name!  Same with the chocolate!  It's not like it's totally covered in Chocolate but there is just enough to satisfy!  It's really wonderful!  BEST PART?  No Dairy!  Woot!  It's Vegan!

What's in it?  Here it is...straight from the company's website:
The mood boosting, heart healthy, inflammation quelling chocolate that we use is simply craveable. It melts in your mouth as well as in your hands, so be sure to enjoy the whole package, whether by yourself or sharing with friends.
Organic Blue Agave is the natural sweetener we proudly use in all of our products! It is low glycemic providing you with great energy throughout the day. Agave is our ideal alternative to sugar.
The most prevalent nut in our cluster is the the almond! Almonds are an outstanding source of energy and provide your body with those heart healthy fats. They also include the anti-oxidant value of vitamin E, packing Snackle Mouth® with a wholesome punch!
High in healthy fats and low in cholesterol, cashews are a nutrient rich and filling nut that we’ve added to our newest products. Heart health, bone health and cancer prevention are just a few of the benefits that cashews have to offer (they also taste great!)
Are an incredible source of fiber in the diet and are very low in fat promoting a healthy heart!
Brown rice syrup is a wonderful substitute for plain old refined sugar. Since it is made from brown rice, it is considered a complex carbohydrate and generally accepted as a better sweetener than refined sugar which is a simple sugar. It also has a lower glycemic index than regular sugar, making it ideal for diabetics or anyone looking for a healthier alternative. Brown rice syrup is similar in appearance, texture, and flavor to honey.