Monday, January 21, 2013

More of the Puppers!

 I've had some wonderful feedback on the photo's of our furkids so I thought I would post some more!  For those of you who have been visiting lately you might remember who is who but for those first time visitors - here is a run down.  This first little guy is Paco.  He's our youngest!  He'll start his 3rd year of life in May!  He's youthful, speedy, independent, and goofy!  He's a "deer" Chihuahua.  He has 'sloppy knees' but learning to work with them popping in and out on occasion.
 This is Riley.  He's a Corgi/Lab mix and he's around 8 years old.  This photo was taken on my iPhone and doesn't do him justice.  He has a really awesome shade of reddish-brown fur.  He looks mostly "Corgi" but some of his facial features lean more toward "Lab".  His eyes are really emotional.  He has to be on or near me most of the time.  He gobbles up food without chewing.  He aims to please anyone and everyone but because he wants to be the center of attention sometime his manners need work.  He's battled life-long chronic ear infections but we know what to do when that happens!  He's a BIG baby and darn wimpy at times.
This is Suzie.  She's the Queen Bee.  She's the leader of the pack!  She's the WOMAN.  She's also the oldest of the dogs.  Suzie is around 11 years old and is a Jack Russell/Dachshund Mix.  She's a leader NOT a follower, she's still 'got spunk', she's fairly vocal, and loves her picture taken.  She has had neck problems every couple of years and more recently developed 'lumps' that are not harmful as long as we keep an eye on them and have them removed if needed.  Last year she has 3 removed.  She is a VERY strong girl.  She bounces back quickly.

We also have two cats (as some of you know) and I'm sure to post more on them soon, too!

I hope you've enjoyed this little post of the dogs of the house.  If you have posts like this - feel free to leave a link in comments!


  1. Aren't they cute, I keep forgetting you have a few doggies running around. I know they keep you and your hubby entertained!

    1. LOL - Boy do they!!!
      They are certainly our daily excitement and Joy!!!!

  2. Lucky you to have this cuties around you! I´m looking forward to see your cats.

  3. What an adorable bunch of characters! Each one has a special beauty!