Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cats on Tuesday - Charlie & Gabby

 One of the many things that my this My Blissful Journey (in Life) are my KIDS...my 3 dogs and 2 cats.  This is my first Cats on Tuesday Post.  I hope to continue to do it.  Above you can see Charlie.  He was the very first one of the bunch when my Husband and I first got together.  He was born in Jan/Feb of 2001.  He's a character but is also a tad feral!  Sure...he looks cute and innocent here but he's our Wild Child.  A few years down the road we decided to adopt a 2nd Cat and he seemed to appreciate that and mellowed out a bit - he's good to her - still questionable to most, tho! But we LOVE him LOTS!
This is Gabby.  It's not the greatest photo since it was taken in really bad lighting and on my iPhone but I have to snap pics of her when I can.  She's a fluff ball and a quick one.  A lot of people that see photos of her think she's always pissed off but she's the sweetest darling! 

Also posting Charlie's Pic on Sweet Shot Tuesday


  1. What is it about black and white cats called Charlie? Mine is a nutter too! Gabby is gorgeous, what a little fluff ball :O) Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Cats on Tuesday is great fun!

    1. Thanks!

      HIS name was Charlotte until we found out he was a BOY! lol :)

  2. Welcome to Cats on Tuesday ! Nice to meet your cats, the picture on the steps is so cute !