Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SeaSnax Classic Grab & Go Packs

I would like to apologize for not having a photo of this product...blogger is acting up again. I'm considering moving to Wordpress...anyhow...

Today I am reviewing SeaSnax Classic Grab & Go Packs.
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I received these from a friend and I thank her for them!

There are some really awesome things going on with this product! They are Gluten-Free, they have NO Trans-Fat, they're cholesterol-free, they do NOT have any MSGs or sugars, AND they are Vegan!

Another great thing about this product is - it only has 3 ingredients - Seaweed, Olive Oil, and Sea Salt. In this case - among others - LESS really is MORE!

I was shocked to see that one Grab & Go Pack equaled one serving and one serving only has 16 calories in it!

To be honest, I could understand why most people on the Standard American Diet would be leery of these. Eventho I have been a vegetarian for over 17 years I listen to what people have to say about products. All I ask is that they try them. Not every product is for everyone. Having said that, I believe, this healthy snack will appeal to more people as whole than some of the healthy snacks on the market. I, for one, enjoyed them quite a bit.

The first taste was so-so for wasn't an over-the-top awesome in-your-face gourmet type taste but shortly after snacking on ONE I found myself craving another...and another...and...ANOTHER. Now I know what they mean when they say "Strangely Addictive".

They don't really have an aroma to them and I am fine with that. They look like flat, shiny, green colored plastic packaging of some sort. But don't let that turn you off!

As for texture and taste...they are gently crispy but once you put them in your mouth it seems to melt on your tongue! There is a buttered veggies or spinach likeness, sure, but there seems to be a hint of a popcorn taste or even a nutritional yeast type taste to them, even. I must say I'm a fan of both of those tastes. Another thing I like about these is they are LIGHTLY salted with sea salt. I have never been a fan of salt or salty things. The amount of sea salt here is PERFECT! Not overly salty! YAY!

I tried to dehydrate Kale Chips a while back...I didn't get them as crispy-thin as I had hoped. The taste was cheesy due to the nutritional yeast on them and they remind of the concept as well as the taste...eventho...these lil guys don't have nutritional yeast on or in them...the flavor is well as the idea!

I have to say I'm a fan!

These are light, healthy, fun, and tasty!

If you are in to trying new things...give these lil gems a whirl!

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