Monday, March 21, 2011

yoga practice twist into spring

by Janna Delgado, Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer

Rhythmic standing twists are a great way to warm the body, release stagnation, and rebalance the nervous system. They also gently stretch and tone the spine without causing strain.

To practice, stand with the feet parallel, shoulder-width apart, arms relaxed by the sides, knees soft. Slowly begin to turn the hips and shoulders from left to right, rotating the torso from side to side. Let the arms and knees be soft and relaxed as you twist. Exhale as you rotate left, turning the head to look over the left shoulder and lifting the right heel. Inhale as you pass through center. Exhale and twist to the right, turning the head to look over the right shoulder and lift the left heel. Keep your spine relaxed and tall as you move.

Coordinate the breath with the movement by exhaling into the twist and inhaling as you pass through center. After 10–30 repetitions, gradually slow the movement down until you return to stillness. Pause here, breathing in the stillness. Direct your awareness inside to observe and absorb the effects of the practice.

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