Monday, March 21, 2011

nutrition notes follow the flow of the season

By Annie B. Kay, Nutritionist

The world awakens earlier, and life sprouts all around us now. Accept spring’s invitation to lighten up by cleaning out your pantry, your fridge, and your eating habits. Choosing the season’s young greens will give you the nutrient density (a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, per calorie) to make the most of the lengthening days, and allow you to feel the energy of fresh local food.

Reconnecting with raw foods this season will ensure that you get the most phytonutrition to keep your body’s problem-preventing systems operating properly. Phytonutrients have a wide variety of benefits, from cardioprotection, to antivirals, to antibacterials, and more. Cooking and processing often decreases phytonutrient activity, so having some raw fruits and vegetables in your diet ensures their phytonutrient potency.

While colorful fruits and vegetables are phytonutrient superstars, legumes, nuts, seeds, and beans; fresh greens and other colorful foods like our Spring Fling Salad; and nutritious drinks like clean water, herbal teas or fresh Carrot, Celery, and Apple Juice also pack a punch. Follow the flow of the season and awaken your own growth and renewal.


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