Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cherry Festival at 21 Brix

Blogger is acting up with insert photos so I am sorry I don't have any photos at this time but I do have video!  Two of them, actually!  The first one you can hear my mother in and the second one features my sister!  We took these videos at 21 Brix Winery during their Cherry Festival a few weekends ago!  We had our Wildtree tables set up and took breaks and turns to go Cherry Picking!  I completely nerded-out because they had 16 different kinds of cherries and 2 or 3 thousand trees!  Each video is only 2 minutes!  Take a look!

My sister was pretty funny in this video!  We was "overwhelmed" with the variety of cherries! LOL  And YES we did try all 16 different kinds!  They were sooooo good!  On a side note ALL of the wines that 21 Brix sell are listed as SAFE on the Vegan Wine Site I'm told.  YAY!


  1. Great videos, so fun! I've never picked cherries, but want to now!

  2. My daughter would have been in cherry heaven. She loves cherries. We have one cherry tree in our back yard. Mulberries and one of our peach trees is back there too, along with the grape vine.

    1. So exciting you have those fruits in your yard!!!!