Thursday, October 30, 2014

Morning Mash-Up Smoothie

Just a check Smoothie recipe this morning because I have some scheduled posts and other posts to get to thru - out the day!  I think I will call this one my Morning Mash-Up Smoothie!


1 Banana (frozen)
3 Dates
1 Scoop GoL's Marley Raw Protein
1 C Almond Milk
1 squirt of NuNatural's CocoMint Syrup

You know I LOVE my Marley...but the Coco Mint really kicked it up a notch!  YUM!  Stay tuned for more posts today including a giveaway!


  1. Cute jar, is that made of glass?

    I'm still having issues with your CAPTCHA, at times it's very hard to read. Those times I stop trying to comment if I have limited time.

    1. It's a hard plastic mug.

      I have looked at all of my settings and can't see where they have changed anything on me. I think it must be forced and new from blogger which doesn't make me happy. I think it might be for non-blogger commenters, sorry! I will continue to look into it.

    2. Opal - I just found this and reading it now...


      CAPTCHA Screening Added, For Anonymous Commenters, Is Not Optional
      We're seeing reports, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, about a new way Blogger is blocking comment spam.

      I didn't enable CAPTCHAs, for commenting on my blog! Why are my readers having to solve one, before commenting?

      It appears that Blogger has added a new CAPTCHA form, to the commenting process.

      In Blogger Help: The word-verification option, we see the notation.

      Note: Even if you don't have word verification turned on, anonymous commenters might be asked to enter some text. This helps protect your blog from abuse.

      It appears that "might be asked" is the key detail, here.

      If you are logged in to Blogger / Google - or can login when commenting - you may not have to solve the CAPTCHA.

      People who have not logged in can either log in, to comment using any allowed authentication option - or can solve the CAPTCHA, without logging in, to comment anonymously. A Blogger / Google account is not the same as a GMail account - and can be created, if necessary, as you login.

      If you are not logged in, simply select "Google Account", and hit "Publish Your Comment", to login. There does seem to be some variation in ability to login, and retention of the message being composed, depending upon comment form placement, and moderation policy.

      If you don't have a Blogger / Google account, click on "Create an account", on the Google "One account" screen. A simple 5 minute form, starting with any non Google email address, is all that is required, to create a Blogger account.

      After you login, you can continue composing your comment. When you are done, select any available authentication option, and hit "Publish Your Comment", again. You should not see the CAPTCHA form, if you are logged in.

      People who have filters blocking the third party Blogger / Google login cookie may still have to solve a CAPTCHA, and comment anonymously.

      If you don't want to login, or don't want to setup a Blogger / Google account, you can solve the CAPTCHA. You can compose your comment before, or after, you solve the CAPTCHA.

      After you solve the CAPTCHA, you can continue composing your comment. When you are done composing your comment, select "Anonymous" or "Name/URL", and hit "Publish Your Comment", again.

      Many of the people, who report a problem here, may be people who also have problems previewing their posts, using Stats, and / or editing the template of the blog. All of these features are sensitive to cookie and script filters, and to various other security settings found on private computers.

      I'll again point out that third party cookies are an increasingly critical issue because

      Google uses multiple domains, to host their many features and services.
      Many people filter cookies and scripts, without knowingly deciding to do so.

      Neither of these issues are caused by Blogger Engineering, and neither are details that Blogger Engineering can program around. Everybody needs to be aware of the issues, and learn to setup their computers, properly.

      If you are seeing a CAPTCHA where one does not belong, and you are properly logged in to Blogger, check the cookie and script filters - starting with the browser "third party cookies" option, and as necessary, all filters everywhere else.

    3. Opal - So sorry about this! So frustrating! I'm NOT happy about this at all - it's an inconvenience for a lot of my readers here and I apologize! I have been thinking about switching everything over to WP Platform - might be time for me to do that - BUT...I'm nervous because I have a TON of content here AND a URL connected to it...eeeeeeek!

    4. UPDATE on this...

  2. What a cute beer mug! I’ve never thought of using this type of mug for smoothie!

    1. LOL it was because everything else was in the dishwasher! teehee!

  3. This smoothie looks good, need to try the cocoa mint syrup!

    No fun with captchas, just had to add one to mine too because while my spam filter was catching comment spam, my web host was complaining about the increased database activity. Grrrr!

    1. I hope to have a contest very soon with one of the prizes being the syrup! Stay tuned :) appears it's a new blog spot n blogger thing they are doing - I don't think there is any way around it...sigh...

  4. This is just the blend of ingredients I would love to start my day with so thank you for sharing this healthy and delicious smoothie recipe with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party Blog Hop! I appreciate it!

    1. Thanks for the feedback on this! I'm not the best person when it comes to smoothie combinations but I won't let that stop me! LOL

  5. Sounds like a perfect way to start the day!

    1. I'm trying to get more smoothies in - especially in the morning! Next up...MORE Juicing, too!