Monday, September 29, 2014

Kid at Heart

Eventho our vacation is over I am way behind at blogging about.  So over the next week or two I will be blogging pretty heavy on the trip.  The photos I post on this blog are different than the ones I post over at my Travel Blog.  So if you want to see more pics from the trip visit this site

Yes...I'm cross promoting a bit here!  But there is a method to my madness, too!  The post here at My Blissful Journey is about being a kid at heart.  It's one of the many things I reflected on during our trip.  I feel being a kid at heart is important. want to act your age most of the time...but it's important to break away from that and be FUN.  Be a little weird or crazy from time to time.  Do things out of the ordinary.  And what better time - than while you are on vacation, right?

These photos were taken at WonderWorks in Pigeon Forge.  Eventho a lot of the things inside this up-side-down building are geared more toward children and youth - there were many things I found interesting.  Many of them it didn't matter what age you were you could still enjoy them.  You can read more about that - and see additional photos from WonderWorks in this post

In the first photo you will see I'm have some fun with bubbles.  Very LARGE bubbles, that is.  Then out front in the lobby I found this psychedelic piano that was super groovy and had to get my photo taken with it...the hippie at heart I am.
Also in the lobby - looking UP - you saw this amazing sight!

Everything was up-side-down on the ceiling!  There was SO MUCH to look at!  When I look at this photo - I keep thinking to Alice in Wonderland!  Or even The Labyrinth...remember that movie with David Bowie!?  LOVE that movie!

On the travel blog (linked above) I wrote about the many Optical Illusions that were at WonderWorks.  It was one of my favorite parts of our visit to this tourist attraction.

Here's another one of those Optical Illusions.  It's a gorgeously colorful painting.  It looks FLAT but it's actually 3D.  The corners of the buildings in the front are pointed out and the alley-way between the buildings sink inward.

I tried to have my husband take a photo of my hands in front of it to show that it was in-fact 3D but it still didn't do it justice.

Here's another one taken from the side view.  It's laid out the same and in 3D but it's very well done almost too well done that you can't really tell even in the photo or from the side.

I guess you could relate this to The Mona Lisa painting - but only for the Optical Illusion of the eyes 'following' you and and necessarily because of the 3D-ness of it...Mona was flat and this wasn't...but still pretty cool, eh!?  What or which Optical Illusions do you like best?  What do you think about 'being a kid at heart'?  Do you take the time to be a kid every now and again!?


  1. Bet you had a great time. Those giant bubbles are real cool. What did you play on the groovy piano? My girl had a one-week break from school but we did not go anywhere as I had friends coming from from the western part of our country, Trengganu on the east coast of the peninsula. We had a great time too.

    1. I just struck a pose - no real song - just a smile! LOL
      Holidays and Vacations are a great time to re-charge!