Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cinnamon Cacao Almond Milk

On our way back from Trader Joe's in the Buffalo area on Saturday - we decided to swing my our closest Wegman's Store because I had a gift card that I received for Christmas.  I wanted to buy a few things that I normally wouldn't buy or things that I found at a good price.  It was pretty picked over because of the holidays.  I had a few coupons I had for FREE items, too, but was unable to locate anything on the shelves for those companies.  I will try again later.  One of the things I did purchase with my gift card was a fairly large amount of Organic Cacao Powder for just $7.99.    Last night I put a little bit of that powder to work!  I made this Cinnamon Cacao Almond Milk - a vegan version of Holiday Chocolate Milk - I guess!  It turned out way better than I anticipated!  I was very pleased with this attempt!  I will be making this again for sure!  It's tasty HOT or COLD.  Here's the recipe for this drink:

2 C Almond Milk
1 T Cacao Powder
2 T Cinnamon Flavored Agave Syrup (from Wholesome Sweeteners)
1 tea Yerba Mate Energizer Perfect Food (from Garden of Life)
Sprinkle Organic Cinnamon Powder on top

I used two of my favorite products in this!  - from Garden of Life - as well as Wholesome Sweeteners!  I've blogged about GoL MANY times before and I am sure I will often in the future, too!  This specific product from them is full of energy and goodness!

Perfect Food RAW Energizer is power-packed with naturally occurring chlorophyll, beta carotene, B vitamins, minerals, protein and amino acids from RAW organic USA grown grass juices, dark green juices like spinach, parsley and kale, protein-rich sprouts  and juiced-up super antioxidant fruits like RAW organic blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and Indian Amla Berries.

For the Cinnamon Flavored Agave -  well, it's VERY special, too!  They have 4 flavors and I'm liking each one of them!  As for this Cinnamon flavor, specifically...
Organic Raw Blue Agave, Organic Cinnamon Flavor

Cooking tips: When replacing sugar with Blue Agave in a recipe, use a 75% measure of Agave nectar for every full measure of sugar. Adjust for taste. Reduce other liquids in a recipe by about 1/3. Bake foods “lower and slower”—reduce the oven’s temperature

Product Description

Cinnamon’s spicy warmth, with a sweet, mild fragrance blended perfectly with Organic Raw Blue Agave. Excellent in coffee, waffles, toast and gingerbread.


  1. wow, such a comfort and yummy drink....

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm trying to use some of these ingredients more

  3. I love almond milk and drink it daily so this Cinnamon Cacao Almond Milk is a hit with me! What a satisfying and healthy drink!

    1. I was pleasantly surprised with this attempt :)

  4. Oh, yum! We generally make our almond milk just with honey, but I would love to try this out. Thanks for sharing! Pinning :-)

    Ashley @ PioneerMomma.com

    1. Thanks! I have been trying different twists on them the last few months! I think tonight might be another good evening to do another taste test :)

    2. BTW - I added you to my links page :)