Friday, July 5, 2013

YAWP! Cafe Mocha

It's been a CRAZY week due to it being the beginning of the month as well as the summers months as well as a holiday week!  Sorry I haven't been around much!  I wanted to pop in for a bit to tell you about this incredible snack I just had!

No, it's not the only thing that has been going on - in fact I have TONS of stuff piling up to be blogged about - but I thought I would make sure I posted this today!

I was holding off on trying these only because I was concerned about the crunch factor and my teeth.  I'm glad I waited because I wanted to fully enjoy it and I completely did that today!  YAY!

The following are for their Cafe Mocha flavor and I'm totally loving it!
A grain-free, dairy-free, nutrient-dense bar with no added sugars or syrups of any kind. The Café Mocha Flavor has only 9 real food ingredients designed to deliver tasty, steady, energy without fillers or diet wreckers! Our bar is crunchy and less sweet than most bars. The Café Mocha Flavor gives you a rich complex kick of flavor without extra sugar or goop!
Ingredients: Organic Almonds, Organic Dates, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Pepitas, Organic Sesame Seeds, Cocoa, Organic Coffee, Himalayan Salt, Vanilla Bean.
Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size 36 g , Servings Per Package 1

Calories 196
Total Fat 15 g
Sodium 115 mg
Caffeine 13 mg
Total Carb. 13 g
Fiber 4 g
Sugar 6 g
Protein 7 g

Contains tree nuts. Manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, milk, eggs, soy and peanuts. May contain occasional nut shells or pit pieces.


YES!  This is VERY crunchy - just take your time!  It's worth it!  I agree with them saying it's less sweet than other bars.  But it's a welcomed flavor.  It's quite hardy!  It has just a touch of coffee flavor to it.  My favorite part on that is that is DOESN'T have that stereotypical aftertaste of coffee.  The MOST IMPORTANT part overall, of course, are the REAL ingredients in this product!  The nuts and seeds are quality nuts and seeds!  The dates give it that little bit of sweetness!  The vanilla contributes to the smoothness and give it that hint of 'cream' without having to add those dairy ingredients, ya know!?  This is a real WINNER!

Loving this!


  1. It sounds like a healthy snack. :)

    1. It was quite tasty! I wasn't sure if it would have that harsh coffee taste but it was just the right amount!

  2. Yum, sounds like a great snack perfect for traveling!

    1. I think it would be! I think it would be perfect for hiking, biking, etc, too!

  3. Dairy free? I'm a coffee guy but without milk - milk makes me sleepy, dunno why...

    1. Dairy has strange affects on a lot of people. For me - I am unable to digest it.