Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm Alive - Life Has Gotten In The Way!

It's been over a week since my last post - I'm so out of it!  So very sorry!  I have been taking lots of pics and do have lots to share it's just a matter of putting it all in a post! 

I wanted to share this photo with you 'just because'.  I have been tinkering with various iPhone Apps for Photo/Editing and came across some filters for the back side of this Methodist Church that I walk by almost everyday on my way to or from work.    The sky is the filtered part that 'really got me' - I I love the color but I also love that the windows kind of match with the light.  My husband said it looks like it was on fire!  I just thought it was 'neat'.
June 1st was my husband and my wedding anniversary and we decided to take a day trip up to Western New York - various towns and suburbs - outside of Buffalo - where I was born and raised.  The last several years I have been showing him many places of interest and the older we get the more he likes to take a day and check it out!  This time we did a few things that I had not even done.  Including a trip to a place called Chester's Cajun Grill.  No - this is far from being a vegetarian restaurant but they were very nice and accommodating!  I had a HUGE salad with all sorts of raw veggies in it and corn chips as well as hot sauce, and stir fry veggies including various peppers, mushrooms, and onions.  It was quite impressive!  Of course, I really enjoyed the atmosphere, too!  It was a nice place!
For over 10 years now - it's been an ongoing joke that I have wanted a Ukelele and my husband said he would never by me one!  So every time we go to a music store I say "oh, look!  A Uke...but I will never HAVE one."  So that weekend he bought me one!  I'm still rather shocked!  It's fun!  I can play along with 4 songs so far!  "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, "What I Got" by Sublime, "Let It Be" by The Beatles, and "Sweet Home Alabama" Lynryd Skynryd.  I'm not a pro by any means but I want to at least play around with it and try and teach myself something with the help of YouTube, that is.  I'm sure I will post more about this in the near/future!

Speaking of music...I have been a little obsessed with Bobby McFerrin lately.  Sure, I have always had an appreciation for him!  But I've been watching every interview and concert I can find online with him in it.  He's extremely talented and gifted!  Truly a a living legend of vocal experts!
I have TONS of food related pictures to post as well as our recent Wildtree adventures and some other interesting tidbits.

But I also have some not-so-wonderful news and it's not that big of a deal to most but it is to me!

I went to the dentist last week for the sensitivity in my teeth and was in need for a very aggressive cleaning, apparently.  Well, they did find a surface cavity.  A very small one.  Actually, it was more of a pit, really.  Regardless this is like life or death for me as I have NEVER ever had a filling in my life!  I'm freaking out so much and I have 5 to 6 weeks before I have to go back.  That it's even causing me a problem but the rough cleaning in the front bottom teeth is what is causing me nervousness!  It's still VERY sensitive and I'm not happy about any of it!  BUT...on to more happy and exciting things tomorrow, eh!?  I have LOTS on tap to share with you but today's post is just a mishmash of mini pieces I wanted to share!  Hope you are all well!  Miss you!


  1. Happy belated anniversary! That church is stunning, I'd have taken pictures also.

    Wow, look at Bobby McFerrin, he looks amazing with gray hair and locks.

    My teeth have been extremely sensitive lately too, and I know I'm in for an intense cleaning when I go to the dentist, heh.

    My honeybees are coming along nicely and building plenty of comb. One day I'll have to write a post as a "Vegan beekeeper" and squash some of the inaccurate info I hear some vegans say about beekeeping

    1. Thanks, Opal!
      Bobby DOES look amazing! I even saw a session he did with his son and his son is very talented as well!

      My Dentist fears are becoming worse and worse! Oye!!!

      I'm looking forward to your post about Vegan Bee Keepers. I sometimes have honey to eat but not often I do prefer Agave, tho, so it's rare if I do have honey. I've heard the term Apia(n) thrown around for those who are mostly vegan other than bee products. I know that is not why you are doing it - tho - I know you got them for your garden! (I guess I am just blabbing, lol, sorry)

    2. Oh, I didn't know he had a son.

      For me the reason to keep bees, even if I'm "vegan" was simple, we depend on bees for many of our crops without them we'd be in serious trouble.

      These days I don't call myself "vegan" even though I don't eat animal products. Thankfully all vegans aren't like the ones I mentioned in my above comment. Years before I even had honeybees, I knew the information that some vegans said about honeybees were wrong and that's because I've studied/researched bees for years. In many cases those making those claims were simply parroting what they'd heard. Hmm, I'm starting to get ranty, I better stop, heh!

    3. Yup! Taylor McFerrin :)
      I totally understand what you are saying about 'some' of those who repeat what they have heard and don't do the research :)

      Have you seen THE HAPPENING?

      It points at the Honeybees problem at the beginning and the affects it has on the environment with their numbers decreasing!

  2. Happy anniversary! And how fun on the ukulele! Teeth issues are no fun, I've had a deep cleaning and fillings. Thankfully it's a simple and fast procedure, much better than even a few years ago thanks to new tech.

    1. Thanks, Christine!!! The Uke is neat - I like it because it's small! I have a great iPhone Tuner App for it too! Gosh, I hope I don't throw up in the chair that day because of my nerves! Eeeeeeek!

  3. Welcome back ;p Happy Anniversary!! That's a pretty fun way to celebrate. THat is too cute that your hubby got you a ukelele =)