Monday, May 6, 2013

Gorgeous Weekend! Colorful Produce Is Starting To Trickle In!

Happy Monday!  I'm sad to see my weekend end but REALLY enjoyed my time the last few days and am still grinning from ear to ear about that!  I think I will do 2 posts again today as I have so much to share it will be quite long!  So to kick things off - here are my foods of the weekend!

On Friday I went over to my parents house to visit and put a fairly large Wildtree Order in - in preparation for our next 4 events!  We have next weekend off, but then we have at least 4 weekends in a row where we will be booked with events!  I know it sounds crazy but I am excited about this!  Excited about being busy!  YAY!  While I was over at my parents house my mother surprised me with these Veggie Sushi Rolls from Wegmans as well as a nice sized mass of Jicama!  I've been CRAVING Jicama lately!  In these Sushi Rolls you will see Wild Mushrooms, Asparagus, Avocado, Cucumber, Nori, Sticky Rice, and Sesame Seeds!  They were wonderful!

I was so VERY excited that Saturday was Awesomely-Sunny!  I soooo needed the sunshine!  It was fair weather and terrifically positive the WHOLE day!  I am FINALLY starting to see produce!  I still had to buy some from regular grocery store but it's even starting to look so much better than it did!  Here is most of what I bought!  I stopped at Tops Markets but also stopped at Hatch Patch - a local produce stand here and Brigiotta's in Jamestown/Lakewood, NY.  Considering all I bought I didn't spend that much!  I spent more in gas than actually buying the produce! 
While I was out I decided to treat myself to lunch.  I went to The Labyrinth in Jamestown, NY, and had this awesome Havana Shakedown Wrap!  It was jam-packed with goodness!  Black Beans, Seasoned Rice, Tomatoes, various seeds, hot sauce, Avocado, etc.

I did something that I have never done before.  I sat down and ate lunch in the cafe by myself.  I know it doesn't sound like a lot but I usually get stuff to go when I am by myself!

 One of the things I bought on Saturday were these babies!  Basil and Chive Starter Plants.  I'm really thinking I must replant them in a hurry because they are already starting to get limp.  The Basil smelled amazing - all the way home, tho! 

I have decided to DO IT!  I'm going to do a garden this year!  I'm not going to do it in the ground but rather in boxes and try that for this year!

My husband is already excited about the Chives for his Baked Potatoes!

As I type this...I'm thinking I might actually do THREE posts, today, instead!  Next up - in a couple of hours - I will be posting all of the foods from the weekend!  Yeah!  I went a little crazy!  But it was fun!

How was your weekend!?


  1. I do that all the time...stop for a bite all by myself and sometimes, out of boredom rather than hunger, just to pass the time e.g. when the missus is shopping. Bad, eh? Just look at my shape and size. LOL!!!

    1. I know it sounds weird...I just never really did that by myself! LOL :) It was nice! Especially where I went! Nice and laid back!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend and so exciting about the garden! I've been adding to mine this year too, so nice to step out to the backyard for fresh produce!

    1. You and Opal really encouraged me to proceed with it! I'm still nervous I won't be able to handle it well! I don't have a green thumb! Last year all of my herbs died and those are really easy, usually! LOL