Friday, May 3, 2013

Chiro, Sciatica, FRESH, and Community Gardens

It seems like the days have been flying by and everything has been going pretty crazy lately...hence the reason I haven't been posting much this week!  So sorry about that!  I have so much to blog about that I will be breaking this up into Non-Food and Food.  For this one, NON-FOOD!

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes during my nervousness prior to my very first chiropractor's appointment on Tuesday.  LONG story short on that I now know what has been going on with me!  It's official!  I have Sciatica.  While at my first appointment I was "Cracked" in two spots in my lower back as well as purposely putting immense pressure on the Sciatic Nerve to try and loosen it.  What they think is happening in my cause specifically is flow of fluid in between 2 Vertebra getting 'stuck' or not flowing back after I move which could be causing the nerve to act up.  They told me this is good because at least it isn't a disk problem causing it. addition to a few other stretches and exercises I have been doing he now wants me to do the Sphinx Pose (he called it something else but I am familiar with the yoga term!) 6 times a day for at least 2 minutes.  I'm also supposed to force myself to get away from my work computer more throughout the day.  I already knew that but when I get on a roll - I get on a roll and sometimes can't break away! least now I know what it is, right!?  Yesterday I went to my 2nd appointment and he moved up my back and cracked me in 4 places as well as my hips on both sides while doing a gentle twist.  Oddly these parts haven't bothered me too much as of yet.  It's the intense nerve work he's doing that takes my breath away!  WOW!

I mentioned a while back that I was going to be tuning in to the Food Revolution Summit online this week and have been listening to a few of the shows as background noise while doing other work.  Sometimes I absorb the info better by doing this.  This week - I think that was certainly the case.  I haven't listened to Russell Simmons YET but want to! 

I signed up for a few more news letters, too!  No...I don't read all of them all of the time but you can never have enough knowledge, eh!?

Last night I carpooled with two other younger ladies to Jamestown Community College in Jamestown, NY, for a tour of their Community Garden and a screening of the documentary FRESH.  As a SUNY JCC Alumni I was excited to be on campus's been since 98 or 99 since I have set foot in any of the buildings.  I found out many of their building are certified GOLD and they continuously work towards a GREENER way of doing things!  This put a smile on my face!  The Community Garden was neat...we really don't have too many of them around here so it was nice to see and learn about them.  I didn't measure them but they looked to be about 10 or 12 by 5 - maybe a little smaller...and there were 12 or 14 of them!  It looked like only one of them had been started for the season but it's good to know that all of them will be underway soon!

After the tour of the Community Garden we walked back to the teleconference center and watched the documentary FRESH.  It was a great film - a few familiar faces from other documentaries I have seen in the last few months - but it was neat to watch it with other people, too!  So far I have only been watching them by myself in the evenings in the comfort of my own home.  It was catered by Planet Earth Catering in Jamestown and they try and use local foods in their business as much as possible.  The did Meatballs - of course I did NOT partake in but I did nibble on a small amount of salad made with greens, wild carrots, a radish, and a dressing made from local Maple Syrup.  They also had regional sparkling water.

I had fun meeting various people and I handed out a few business cards to people as well.  I spoke with some of the Warren County Master Gardeners and they told me about some of their upcoming events including a Kids Day during the Warren County Fair in Pittsfield, PA, in August.

I have lots more to post but will be posting my FOOD attempts later today.  I didn't want this post to be absurdly I am splitting into TWO.

Before I go, tho, I have a Paco Pic for ya!  He's been pretty good lately!  Perhaps it's the weather?  What ever it is - I'm grateful! 

Have you seen FRESH yet?  Do you know if your community has Community Gardens?  Have you been back to an old school of yours after a long time away?  Have you met any interesting people this week?  Which yoga poses are your favorite for back and leg pain?


  1. Glad to hear it's not a serious problem, what a relief! I'm been partially keeping up with the Food Revolution, listening to Kathy Freston now. :-) But it's been hard with my work schedule. Very cool on the community garden!

    1. It's still scary but just because I'm a wuss! LOL :) I missed Kathy's talk! I missed quite a few that I wanted to hear but glad I got to hear what I was able to! I totally hear ya about work! :)