Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Raw Wednesday, Core Goals, Ninjas, World Foods

Last week I reviewed a product from Core Foods and today I'm going to do the same!  I have another one of their flavors to share with you!  Today it's their Raw Cashew Cacao.  As you can see to the left the contents...and following this...the 'jist' of their product description!

Nourishment for the Enlightened.

A High-Fiber Vegan Meal for toning and weight management.
We carefully mix 5 fresh organic plants to pack all 13 amino acids, high plant fiber, and essential fatty acids into one balanced meal on the go. That's all. We never use candy ingredients. Take your nutrition as seriously as your practice--get to the next level be eating like a Defender.
Make CORE part of your daily routine! Sign up for recurring delivery and get free shipping!
This food is FRESH. Store in your freezer for maximum life and flavor. Take anywhere for up to 1 week.
Now...specifically writing about their Raw Cashew Cacao Bar...I found it to be even more filling than the Almond Raisin one I reviewed last week!  I will say that the cacao tastes like the "darkest of dark" chocolates I have ever tried and that could have something to do with it for me, personally.  You know how Dark Chocolate tends to be bitter...and "bitters" usually help you feel "full" and "quicker", well, I totally agree with that in this case!  Even though I could feel my hunger level being fulfilled as I ate the meal replacement bar - I found myself enjoying the "dark" flavor more and more as I continued to eat it!  The Cacao is the more prominent flavor in this specific bar, tho.  The Whole Oats and Cashews did help break up that dark chocolate or cacao taste and the spices and raisins were subtle but appreciated as it contributed to the overall nutritional benefits and experience!

The thing that really shocked me about this one is how VERY full I felt after eating it!  I almost couldn't even finish it!  I felt like I ate a HUGE meal!  I did notice how important it was to follow this one up with the water afterwards, tho!

Eventho I was very full and satisfied with the flavor, the full stomach, and the nutritional benefits - I wasn't 'as' hyper as I was with the other one I previously reviewed...which was probably ok considering just how MUCH energy I did have that day!  But I am NOT saying it didn't provide me with a good deal of energy, still, because it did!  My mind was very focused on my tasks at hand and I was able to flow thru them at an altered rate.  I was determined to get my tasks done and well!  This helped get me thru the day as I was unable to break for lunch!

I enjoyed the "dark chocolate" comparison in this one - when needed - I think I like the overall flavor for 'everyday' consumption of the Almond Raisin just a tad more.  Next up in the near future is the Banana one!

In other news...

It's Raw Wednesday...and I don't have a picture of the Fruit Smoothie I made this morning but here is what I did...Strawberry, Mango, a little Pineapple, and Chia Seeds.  They were all frozen.  At least it's better than nothing, eh? 

As I have mentioned before - several times I have a few different Ninja Systems.  I have the Large stand-alone as well as the system and accessories. 

Since I can't spend $300 or more on the Vitamix - I really think this is the next best thing for the money!  It IS a high-speed blender and the blades go almost all the way up the middle. 

I noticed, too, that you don't need to add as much liquid as you do with other blenders,,,to keep it moving, that is.

Overall I would certainly say I am a Ninja Fan!  Maybe someday when I win the "lotto" I will get a Vitamix! LOL  Seriously, tho, I got a great deal on these - I ended up getting BOTH the large one AND the system and accessories for a total of about $60.  I bought the large one first and then bought the system afterwards.  I like having multiple blenders to choose from - and I have a space just for them in my kitchen.

 And now for some World Food!  I made some Algerian Carrots!  Here is what I did:
1 Pound of Carrots
3 T Grapeseed Oil
1/2 tea Cinnamon
1/2 tea Cumin
3 Cloves Garlic
1/2 tea Thyme Leaves
1 tea Lemon Juice
I loved the way this smelled but might tweak it a bit for next time.  I think I would use less Lemon Juice and Cinnamon and more Garlic!

This next dish isn't Algerian but it's Tunisian!
Tunisian Style Greens and Beans!

2 T Grapeseed Oil (I used Basil Pesto Flavored)
1 Onion
3+ Cloves Garlic
1 tea Coriander
1/4 Crushed Chili Flakes
2 C Chopped Spinach
2 C White Navy Beans (I was out of Chickpeas)
1 C Diced Tomatoes & Liquid
1/2 C Cooking Liquid from Beans and/or Water

This made a HUGE batch!  I will be eating it for DAYS, I am sure!  This is somewhat gently spiced.  I tend to enjoy foods that are REALLY flavorful...this was a bit more bland than I expected but it was still tasty!  Can't go wrong with more Garlic! You know how I LOVE it!

I do have a few other things to blog about but I will hold off until tomorrow!  Have you ever had foods from Algeria or Tunisia?  If so...what?


  1. Very interesting on the Ninja, looks like something that could be recommended to friends not wanting to spend on a Vitamix. And the Algerian Carrots look wonderful!

    1. Thanks! I really do enjoy my Ninja's! More and More everytime I use them! The Algerian Carrots weren't my favorite but they were still ok...I think some tweaks are in order! LOL

  2. The Ninja looks very nice - and looks like doesn't take too much room on the counter! I gave away my Vitamix because I never used it for anything more than a blender and it took up half the kitchen. If the Ninja does everything you need - it looks like a great solution : )

    1. If you get the "system" you can even choose smaller sizes - depending on which you buy you would get 3 or 4 different sizes! You could 'put away' the ones you don't use as much but yes, they only require a small space, really! Great point!

  3. Hmmm I haven't tried those bars, but they sound pretty good.
    I don't have a vitamix either :( but my blender is breaking down and my hubby seems to think I might get one for my birthday... maybe. I wish they weren't so expensive!
    The carrot & bean dishes look awesome =)

    1. Thanks so much! If you have a BigLots nearby see if they have any of the Ninja's - that's where I got mine! Happy Early Birthday! My Husband's is Sunday and mine is next Saturday!