Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Midweek Munchies

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Here's what I found this week!
Store Location:
Whole Foods Co-Op, Erie, PA

Since cutting Dairy I've just been doing veggie pizzas with no cheese on them.  I found this one and already ate it!  It's pretty good!  I would eat it again!
 I've been looking for something close to a vegan version of Nutella that I can get semi-Regionally.  I just tried a little bit of this for the first time last night and it's DARN Tasty!
 I haven't cracked open these two Nature's Path Chia Products yet but I'm pretty excited about them!  I have been looking for some Breakfast Foods to have on hand.
It's been a while since I have bought this Lightlife Brand for anything not to mention the Fakin' Bacon.  Now that I am a fan of the Tofurky ones I'll have to see which is better.
 This Almond Milk was on sale for $1.99 so I decided to try it.  I haven't opened it yet tho...I still have a little left of my last Almond Milk Purchase.
 I've blogged about this Quinoa Polenta before but they had it for a pretty good price and I decided to stock up on it while I could!
And I got more of these shreds since I ran out AND they had them on sale!

I also caved and bought the last 'home made' Cashew Cheese from their Cafe/Deli as well as Vegan Cheesecake they had two left of.  It's the first Vegan Cheesecake I have had since deleting Dairy, too!  It was AMAZING, btw!

There are a few things I got at the Co-Op this past week and I am pretty excited!  What were your purchases this week?
I'm also going to post this for What I ate Wednesday.  You can also take a look at my Meal Plan for the week HERE.


  1. Coconut Chia Granola? Oh man, that just sounds absolutely delicious!

    1. I actually brought that today because I don't have leftovers that I predicted on Monday...eeeek!