Monday, December 3, 2012

Maple Spiced Pecans

Good News?  Bad News?

Good News is...these turned out flippin' awesome if I do say so myself!
Bad News...the Smoky Chipolte Hot Sauce I used of Wildtree's is being discontinued at the end of this month!  DRAT!  And it was one of our BEST Sellers! is what I did with these babies!

2 Cups of Zonta's Pecans (Thanks Ines!)
1/2 C Maple Syrup
1 tea Cinnamon
1/2 tea cumin
1/2 tea sea salt
1/4 tea nutmeg
1/4 tea ginger
4 or more squirts to taste of Wildtree Chipolte Hot Sauce

These are addictive...but in a good way!


  1. Replies
    1. Everyone loved them - my mom and sister don't do "hot stuff" so I only put 2 drops in those and then went from there :)

  2. Maple pecans sound like a dream come true for me! Would you say these are more sweet or savoury?

    1. I used to be a major hothead, but I can't handle even a teeny bit of chilli anymore! I loooove the sound of nutmeg and ginger, though.