Friday, October 19, 2012

Busy! Busy! Balance? And Books!

I subscribe to YogaJournal.  Both the magazine and the site.  They send me daily updates via email.  Sometimes their emails really hit-home.  Like this one for example...
We live in a society that promotes busyness: Work to get to the top of your field! Cook gourmet meals from scratch! Stay fit! Volunteer! It's often a struggle to find just a moment of downtime. And as we become busier and busier, even the activities that bring us joy can feel like just one more thing to do.
So, how do we bring balance into our hectic lives? Often, we look for some external solution that can make us better, stronger, more spiritual, or happier. But the search itself can leave us feeling busier, more stressed, and ultimately, less fulfilled. The real key to finding balance is to focus internally and listen to what's inside.
Read the Full Article HERE.
 My friend OPAL and I have chatted about this often!  She's very busy, too!  She's been blogging about a busier schedule lately, as well!  So this was timely!

Actually one of the things I have been slacking on lately is my yoga practice.  I really must get back into it!  For me, specifically, it helps with my stress, my digestion, and my circulation! stress levels have been a little wonky due to work issues and my circulation in my legs seem to be questionable lately.  I'm not sure if it's stress, from sitting at a desk at work, or if it's because of the weather change...perhaps a combo of the 3 - not sure!  Regardless I really have to get back to my YOGA!

Another thing that I am behind on - which I mentioned in the post below - is my pile of books I have been receiving thru my InterLibrary Loan Program - which I am very grateful!

Special thanks to Erie Public Library for sending me this book!
I already see TONS of recipes I can't wait to try!  Especially several soups!

I'd also like to thank Reading College for sending me this one...
I have to admit I tend to skip-over recipes that have TONS of ingredients in them so this book is PERFECT!  I can't wait to JUMP RIGHT IN! least for THIS POST anyways...Special Thanks to Carnegie Library for this book...
Bryant Terry is also the author of Vegan Soul Kitchen - and I hope to locate that one SOON, too!  So far I am totally DIGGIN' lots of his flavor combo's and can't wait to see how they are!

I have 4 other books I will be blogging about soon and I will be making some recipes out of them sometime after Sunday!  It's going to be a BUSY weekend!  We have a Surprise Party planned tomorrow for my mother's 60th Birthday Party (among other things) and we have family coming in!  I hope to blog about that more next week and add Party Pics to my Facebook as well!

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