Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I spent $10.38 at my local Herb Store today...

I only spent $10.38 at my local herbs store today and here is what I walked away with...

1/2 pound of organic raw dates rolled in coconut - $2.65
Hemp Hearts - $1.50
Forbidden Rice - $3.99 (More info in an upcoming post)
And my Bulk purchases totaled $2.24 and here is what I got for that $2.24:
Organic Nutritional Yeast .08# Mini Flakes ($1.36), Himalayan Pink Sea Salt .04# ($0.40), Radish Sprouting Seeds.06# or 3 Tablespoons ($0.48)

This is why I LOVE Bulk!

I am VERY happy with my thrifty purchase! 

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