Monday, June 13, 2011

European Dipping Oil - Mediterranean Balsamic

Today I would like to blog about Grapeseed Oil. I LOVE Grapeseed Oil. I also LOVE Wildtree much so that I am a Wildtree Representative! But that is another day and another post. However, if you would like additional information about Wildtree Products please email me a trulyblissful at gmail dot com.

For more info on Grapeseed Oil - in general - please click the link below:
Grapeseed Oil - Nutritional information

Now that I have that out of the way - today I would like to specifically blog about Wildtree's European Dipping Oil - they Mediterranean Balsamic to be exact.

Where To Buy: Wildtree - contact me via email or leave a comment for me here with an email addy.

Product Description: This perfectly proportioned blend of herbs and spices is mixed with Wildtree Grapeseed Oil and balsamic vinegar. Serve it with fresh crusty bread or drizzle over fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil for an authentic Italian caprese.

My Review: This is one of my overall FAVORITE Overall Wildtree Products! And I'm NOT just saying that because I'm a rep! This is extremely flavorful! A little bit goes a long way! This has a grapeseed oil base with Balsamic and other herbs...the best part's all natural!

Lately I have been incorporating more and more raw foods into my vegetarian diet and have been doing LOTS of salads lately - even more salads than usual! I have found this works as an AWESOME dressing! Many store-bought dressings have 120 to 200+ cals per serving! This one only has 45 cals per serving! Excellent! I love dark leafy greens but know that not everyone is as open to salads as I am but have found that this helps cut that bitterness that sometimes comes with dark leafy greens if you are someone who is trying to eat more salads but are trying to hide that characteristic of the dark leafy greens.

I also LOVE to marinade Portabello Mushrooms with this.

Usually when marinading - most people marinade stuff for an hour or overnight, even, with this wonderful product you don't have to let it set very long! I have done a quick marinade for a minimum of 5 minutes, even, and the flavor is amazing!

Another simple dish is raw cucumbers, tomatoes, and this lovely balsamic/grapeseed oil combo! Quick, Easy, and oh-so-flavorful!

Stay Tuned to Blissful Journey for more reviews! Comments and questions ALWAYS welcome!

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