Monday, March 28, 2011

Nirvana Groove

David & Steve Gordon

Call me crazy...but I get excited about new music or new-to-me-music and lately I have been into anything that I can play while doing yoga! So, naturally, I was excited to see and hear this one! Thanks for these email updates DailyOM!

Nirvana Groove
David & Steve Gordon

Nirvana is the state of arrival into true bliss, outside the distractions of ego and the limitations of space and time. Sometimes it's like feeling your soul become eclipsed in reverse; all the darkness melts away until you stand completely free and blissful, though "you" is not really the proper word. One could say nirvana experiences itself through those who are enlightened fully to its grace. So simple it's beyond rational understanding, but the composer–brothers David and Steve Gordon of Sequoia Records understand, translating what cannot be adequately put into words via music, rhythm, and movement. Pulsing rhythm, in fact, and sensual slow-groove abandon, as on “Silver Sun,” the slinky opening track. Keeping the beats chilled, the ambiance warm and hypnotic, and the tonalities healing and relaxing, the Gordons make Nirvana Groove into a culmination of the most effective sounds and flows.

A sensual, earthy hour-plus of solid movement-inspiring, feeling good, sacral-chakra igniting music, the Gordons' album is perfect for slow dances, tantric movement, lovemaking, or just letting the hairs of your neck stand up in kundalini rapture as a note hits you just right in the sacral chakra. The electronic pulses and multilevel chimes of "Organic Electronic," for example, work a mysterious mojo on the nerves. As the tracks go on, ambiance and vocal samples wind their way in, as with "Yoga de Sensualité." A backwards shuffle beat keeps "Ambient Spa" moving motionless in space and time like a shimmering phantom, with strums of guitar and pulsing synths and drums creeping in like the night of a big party that makes your palms sweat in anticipation. Tracks connect and overlap so there's nothing to distract you from your purpose.

Nirvana Groove was coproduced by acclaimed sound engineers Bobby Cochran, Noah Alexander, and Alex Alcyone, who help keep it all straight and canyon-esque so you can pinpoint every instrument in your mental space. Try and concentrate on each interwoven sound and let the hemispheres of your brain sync up in beautiful ways. Nirvana Groove even brings its own pink first light of dawn, teasing the third eye open until the full eclipse of ego sets you free into a space of pure bliss.

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  • "Silver Sun"
  • "Organic Electronic"
  • "Yoga de Sensualité"

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