Monday, March 28, 2011

Guitar Meditations

Guitar Meditations Vol. 3 (CD) - DJ Free (turntablist, flautist, all-around mystic) is an active musical collaborator who teams with an array of musicians from around the world via his musical collaborative project Soulfood. For Guitar Meditations Volume 3, Free partners with the gifted guitars of Robert McEntee, Ricky Fitzpatrick, and the band Ra Music to deliver powerful yet eloquently simple instrumental, guitar-based music. Ideal for meditation or yoga but still lively enough for driving or leisurely walks, the music on this third volume of Guitar Meditations is stirring, emotional, and suffused with classical music grace while always mellow in a barefoot-on-the-beach sense, warming the coals of the he! art with gentle harmonics, hazy shimmering slide, and moody, resonant strumming, and top-string melodies.
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Again, with the music, you say!? Indeed! Food For the Heart and Soul! Check it out!

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